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Get richer, more detailed data

When directly compared to Pingdom, RapidSpike represents a significant upgrade. Our performance tools dive deeper into your data, enabling you to improve your user experience in order to increase your conversions.

Complete coverage

RapidSpike is a monitoring tool for your entire ecosystem - not just your key pages. Protect your platform and your customers with our security monitors. Track your SEO, watch your domain and much more.

Build a better customer experience

Work with the RapidSpike performance tools to improve site performance and customer experience. We're not just "set up and forget" - log in to RapidSpike regularly to learn about your site and how to improve.


Just starting out? The One Plan is designed for small businesses and startups on a budget.


For smaller businesses with more static websites who need monitoring and insight on improving their digital experience.


For growing ecommerce businesses who need to monitor, improve and protect their customers digital experience.

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Detailed Feature Comparison

Uptime & Assurance

Core Monitoring

Is your site live? Core Monitoring tracks the fundamental uptime of your app or site. This is what we call "The last line of defence"
- although we feel that if your site is down, it's already too late! So how does RapidSpike compare to Pingdom?



Base plan monitors




API Monitoring

Basic Authentication

Response Timeout

Content Checking

SSL Certificate Monitoring

WHOIS Domain Monitoring


Transaction Monitoring

In RapidSpike, Transaction Monitoring is called User Journey Monitoring. Probably our flagship product,
we've spent a great deal of time making sure our Journey software is the best around.



Multi-Step Journeys

Self-Service Scripts

Full HAR (page element) Download

Third Party Element Tracking

iFrame Support

Managed Scripts

Mobile Emulation


Element IP Address Map


Real User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring (RUM) lets you monitor real live site traffic, learning about performance issues and user demographics.
We've supercharged our RUM to enable us to also track potential Malicious Users, adding to your security coverage.



User Demographics

Visitor Map

Live Stats

Best & Worst Hours

Conversion Tracking

Malicious User Detection


Advanced Monitoring

Our Advanced Monitor is called an Page Performance Monitor, and we've loaded it with great features you can't find anywhere else.
Key among those features is a daily Google Lighthouse Audit of your site, which gives you tons of amazing advice on improving your page.



Page Speed

Full HAR (page element) download and analysis


Paint Timings Video

Third Party element tracking

Daily Google Audit (Lighthouse)

On-page Comparison of 2 Tests

Browser choice (Firefox & Chrome)

Mobile Emulation

Full Screenshots

Element IP Address Map

Browser & Server Logs


Protect Your Online World

Security should form a vital part of your website or app monitoring. We've built a range of great tools and scanners
so you can be confident that you - and your customers - are secure. Our latest addition is
Magecart Detection, where we can alert to a potentially devastating attack in under 5 minutes.



Magecart Detection

Google SafeBrowsing

SSL Cipher

Port Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning

Malicious User Detection

Assurance & SEO

Other Monitors

We aim to help you cover your entire ecosystem. We've added a suite of extra monitors
to help you protect your domain name, track your SEO and much more.



Server/Misc Device Monitoring (RCA)

Alexa Traffic Rank

SEO Stats

Google Analytics Integration

HTTPS Redirect Checker


Useful Tools & Extras

We don't have lengthy bureaucratic processes when it comes to improving our platform. We're always
listening to your requests and acting on your suggestions. Our customers love our responsiveness
and agility plus our ability to deliver new features is second to none.



Public Status Pages
Display your monitors on a publicly accessible webpage.

Maintenance Windows
Pause monitors on your account in accordance with scheduled maintenance.

TV Mode
Live updating big-screen mode displaying monitor status and more.

Log planned maintenance, track incidents and publish updates on status pages.

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