Monitor the status of your SSL certificates

Get notified when close to expiry as well as if any changes occur to your SSL Certificate.


Keep a close watch on your security

The role of an SSL Certificate

It is common for most websites to be protected with an SSL Certificate to provide encryption between the client and server and protect any sensitive data such as credit card details when sending data over the public Internet. These SSL Certificates only last for a period of time and tracking the expiry date of these is yet another burden on your already busy work schedule.

Notifications – keeping you informed

RapidSpike provides a SSL Certificate Monitor to ensure that you are kept notified of the important information regarding your configured SSL Certificates.

Once configured, we regularly check the expiry date of your SSL Certificates and notify you using your preferred notification method starting at 30 days before the expiry date. We then enable further monitors to send weekly and then daily reminders to ensure that you do not miss the expiry of your SSL Certificate. When the certificate has been renewed, the notifications stop and we then note the new date of expiry.

As well the the expiry of your SSL Certificate, we also monitor for any changes with regards to the created date, date of expiry of issuer of the SSL Certificate. This extra monitoring of the certificate information provides an added layer of security to ensure that nothing has been changed.

The SSL Certificate Monitor can be added through the user interface for any domain that is configured in the system. Even if you have hundreds of domains, we can monitor each of them to provide the same level of protection for all of your domain names.

Why monitor your SSL Certificate?

This combines with the Domain Monitoring as a preventative method against Domain Hijacking , commonly used in Phishing  attacks.

When an SSL domain is hijacked the site needs another SSL certificate issuing – this monitor would detect the SSL change.

In addition, allowing an SSL Certificate to lapse can cause a great deal of stress, potentially losing customers and sales. Any site user attempting to access a secure page with a lapsed certificate will be warned by their browser that their connection is vulnerable. This can effectively put off customers from buying from you now and in future.

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