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Sometimes it’s the small things that cause the greatest damage. Ensure you own your domain with WHOIS monitoring, check your SSL certificate expiry and make sure if your redirects are functioning as expected with RapidSpike Assurance Monitors.

RapidSpike Assurance Monitor - Domain Monitoring


Losing your Domain WHOIS record could mean you lose your online identity

Monitor your domain name WHOIS record for expiration date and send alerts when the domain is nearing expiry. Also protects against domain hijacking and sends notifications if certain settings on your WHOIS record change.

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RapidSpike Assurance Monitor - SSL Monitor


Don’t let your SSL Certificate expire unnecessarily, be informed of key changes

Tracking your domain’s SSL Certificate expiry is vital and any changes made to the issuer and sends alerts if the Certificate gets close to its expiry date or if changes are detected.

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RapidSpike Assurance Monitor - Redirect


Check your secure domain configuration is working as expected

This monitor checks the configuration of your HTTPS domain. Once running, the Redirect checks your domain settings to ensure that the non-secure HTTP version of your address is correctly redirecting to the secure HTTPS version.

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