The vital last line of defence
in keeping your website live

Reliable and constant uptime monitoring for your entire
platform - from server level to individual website pages


Monitor at a network level with Ping, service level with TCP, or individual pages with HTTP

RapidSpike App - Uptime

Create a variety of vital monitors for every level of your online infrastructure.

Ping monitors give a response time and top-level availability of your hosting server or network device. TCP checks monitor the ports on your server and will return whether they are open or closed, as well as giving a response time for speed.

Web Page monitors (using HTTP GET) will detect whether your pages are live, what status code they have, and the response time from the page itself.

Add extra intelligence to Web Page Monitors by checking a specific string or value exists on the page. Some failing pages might still return a 200 OK status code; adding a Content check will determine if the actual content has changed.

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API Monitoring

Check your API with an HTTP POST and request body

RapidSpike App - API

Monitor your API endpoints with an HTTP POST monitor. Check your API is live, and return a response time.

In addition to standard uptime, the API monitor will also allow you to query your API by sending a request body. You can then specify an expected response - and check for an exact match or if the response contains a certain value. Finally, you can then configure our powerful alerting system to send alerts if your monitor fails its check.

The API (HTTP POST) request can be sent in plain text, JSON or XML formats.

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Connect Anything

Monitor any connected device with a custom monitor

RapidSpike App - Connect Anything

Connect Anything allows you to send any monitoring data to RapidSpike and to utilise our sophisticated alerting system to trigger alerts based on the values.

Simply write a simple HTTP POST or GET script on any internet-connected device, and use it to send values to RapidSpike. Once you have configured the device in your RapidSpike account, you'll be able to see dashboard data and to create alert rules based on the values you receive.

Some real world examples for Connect Anything include: monitor internet speed, server hard disk and memory usage, stock quantity, and much more. Connect thermostats, temperature gauges, wind speed detectors, humidity monitors, infrared detectors to your device and send their values via Connect Anything.

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