Availability: Consistent websites grow businesses

Staying up and staying fast is vital. RapidSpike helps you maintain 100% availability by checking your key pages, API and servers to ensure your website is up and fast alerting you when it’s not, so you can resolve issues quickly.

RapidSpike App - Uptime


Staying up and staying fast 24/7 is key to your business success

Webpage monitors (using HTTP GET) will detect and alert whether your pages are live every minute, check the status code they have, response time from the page itself and check specific content (exists or not exists). Ping and TCP monitors give a response time and top-level availability of your hosting server or network device.

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RapidSpike App - API


Your website may look ok but the APIs could be the key to improving your user experience

Monitor your API endpoints with an HTTP POST, PUT or DELETE monitor. Check your API is live, responding correctly, and returns a response time. Query your API by sending a request body, specify an expected response – and check for an exact match or if the response contains a certain value.

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RapidSpike App - Connect Anything


Monitor any connected device with a custom monitor

Connect Anything allows you to send any monitoring data to RapidSpike and to utilise our sophisticated alerting system to trigger alerts based on the values. Once you have configured the device in your RapidSpike account, you’ll be able to see dashboard data and to create alert rules based on the values you receive.

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