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RapidSpike Uptime Monitoring is Now Completely FREE!

We are pleased to announce that from 8th June 2016 basic uptime monitoring will be free and unrestricted.

The new changes include:

  • An unlimited number of total monitors
  • An unlimited number of users on your account
  • Check intervals as frequently as every minute (or up to every 60 minutes)
  • Storing data for longer (currently ~2 years)
  • Use of our SMS/voice call notification system, as well as alerts via email.

Free accounts will be able to monitor Ping, TCP Ports, HTTP (website pages), and content on those pages – e.g. a specific word or phrase on your site.

About Uptime Monitoring

Uptime monitoring provides a first line of assurance and is the foundation for a comprehensive web application assurance strategy, and we’re delighted to able to open this up to all users without charge.

Clearly uptime and availability are assurance “stage one” and there are other complementary checks that are still extremely important – domain checking, SSL certificate expiry and so on – but from now on you can check your web applications basic availability or uptime for free with no limitations.

Sign up right now at, or take a look at the details at

Why make the change?

Clearly we hope this will help attract new users to the service but at the same time we honestly feel this move is in keeping with the modern perception of uptime monitoring as a service.

Uptime monitoring is something you can get cheaply and easily from other providers – and although we do consider our system to be one of the best – we feel that uptime is much less important than true Performance Monitoring.

Measuring Performance with RapidSpike Professional

Speed and a good customer experience are key metrics and we aim to support businesses in addressing these modern challenges via our new Professional account, which supercharges our free uptime services and adds in domain, SSL, SEO monitoring and User Journey tracking. If you’re on our free Basic account, look for the “Professional” badge to upgrade or find out more:


It’s one thing to make sure your site is online, and quite another to know that it’s performing at its best. Performance monitoring answers the more important questions that serious online businesses are facing:

“Are the websites critical application process working in a performant manner?”

“Are customers experiencing a fast and efficient service?”

“Is there an emerging problem that needs to be addressed?”

“Can we scale?”

“Is our code error free?”

These are the modern challenges faced by web operations teams and website managers and this is why we focus on User Journey Monitoring technology.

User Journey Monitoring

Monitoring User Journeys allows the IT team to have a single monitor that touches and measures the entire application stack and highlights poor performance from a users perspective from anywhere in the world. An elegantly simple approach, packed with value and analysis.


Steps from a simple User Journey

Our system mimics a real user accessing your site/app and performing various actions: browsing, adding products to a cart, searching, filtering, and so on.


The page elements making up just one step of a journey

We run this journey from various locations around the world every few minutes and as we do so log your infrastructure speed and the performance of page resources like scripts, markup and images.

We’re then able to build up a picture of acceptable performance and add alert you when your site/app slows down.

Sound interesting? This just scratches the surface of what’s possible with comprehensive performance monitoring. If you’d like to know more, just ask our helpful sales team what we can do for you.

Register today or Tell me more about User Journeys

So uptime checks are free and still a fundamental part of an assurance strategy but we encourage you to take a look at the extended benefits of our Professional Plan so that you can take your operational analysis to the next level. 

Thank you,
The RapidSpike Team


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