Javascript Monitoring

Magecart Detection from RapidSpike

Monitor your Javascript to defend against Magecart attacks as suffered by Ticketmaster, British Airways, Newegg, and more.

Our unique approach to this problem provides you with an extra layer of protection in addition to your existing security capabilities.

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Simple Setup

The configuration is fully managed by our specialist consultants and you can be up, running and protecting your customers the same day.

Instant Detection

Significantly reduce your risk of exposure by identifying breaches as soon as they occur and receive notifications of the breach in your chosen format.

Track Every Third Party

Identify and keep tabs on any third party sending data from your website to ensure that the site is operating as planned and not exploiting your customers.

Protect Your Customers and Minimise Financial Damage

GDPR rules dictate fines for €20million or 4% turnover (whichever is highest).

Magecart data breaches include major retailers, international businesses and leading brands. Recent examples include:

  • Vision Direct
    Attack lasted 5 days, 6600 customers affected.
  • British Airways
    Attack lasted 16 days, 380,000 customers affected.
  • Newegg
    Website was compromised for over 1 month.
  • Ticketmaster
    40,000 customers were affected over 9 months.
  • Discount Mugs
    Website was hacked for over 4 months.
  • Sotheby's
    Customers were vulnerable for over 19 months.

Detects website skimming, formjacking and supply chain attacks. Easily protect against unauthorised changes to your critical JavaScript files.

Evidence for the ICO that you have taken steps to defend yourself. Give you some assurance around your third-party supply chain because you can’t secure what you don’t own.

Continuously monitor for changes before, during and after the event. Receive alerts of any issues in the format of your choice (Email, SMS, Voice, Slack and more).

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