Monitor whatever you want
with RapidSpike Connect Anything!

Configure your own scripts to send data to RapidSpike and we'll do the rest. Just supply a key and value via HTTP POST or GET. Great for monitoring servers, Internet of Things devices, or via sensors attached to a Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

So how does it work?

All you need to do is configure a device to send either GET or POST data to the RapidSpike Connect Anything monitor. You can use any device capable of connecting to the internet, and write your script in any appropriate coding language. We've already created a number of scripts, which we'll be sharing with our users very soon!

Once you're ready to send data, you'll need to create a new RapidSpike Connect Anything (RCA) monitor in your RapidSpike account. Using the unique ID we give you, you can then populate your RapidSpike dashboards with data from your device - and use our sophisticated Alert Rules to send yourself notifications.

What can you monitor?

The monitoring potential for RapidSpike Connect Anything is virtually endless - you can track anything with an internet connection that's capable of running a script.

There are a huge number of connected devices available as part of the Internet of Things - including everything from TVs, fridges and radios to cars. Here are a few quick examples:

A real world example

Below is a real script we've configured to monitor... the moon. In this demo, we've connected to an API that measures the distance of the moon and configured an RCA that will notify us if it gets too close!

What useful metrics do you need to measure? Let us know the applications where the Connect Anything monitor can prove useful. We'll be uploading a variety of scripts to our website to get you started.

Create custom Alert Rules

Supercharge your Connect Anything monitors by creating custom Alerts to notify you when your monitored data changes.

Alert when no data received

The most simple alert: notify you when your monitor stops sending data. Perfect for making sure your always-connected devices are always connected!

Alert based on monitored values

You can choose to send a number of key-value pairs with each RCA monitor. You can then configure a custom Alert for each value, to notify you when it is greater than, less than, equal to or not equal to a specific number.

Configure Alert Thresholds

Sometimes we don't mind if there's a little blip - that's why RapidSpike Alert Rules have a Threshold option that lets you specify how many times something should happen before you are alerted.