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RapidSpike is a Digital Experience Monitoring Platform that interacts with your online platforms exactly as your customers do. It collects data across your digital ecosystem to help you understand, measure and maintain a fast, reliable digital customer experience.

Make Customer Experience paramount

RapidSpike provides you with better visibility, understanding, and clarity enabling better decision making which will enhance your user experience and improve revenue conversion.

What key questions does RapidSpike provide the answers for?

Fast, secure and well structured digital platforms achieve better revenue conversion, improve user experiences and reduce global energy consumption. RapidSpike pinpoints critical platform issues by collating real time data on user interactions and system performance, translating the results into clear compelling actionable insights.


The critical building-blocks of customer experience: availability, performance and security.


  • 1 Are we live right now?
  • 2 Are we fast?
  • 3 Are we secure?


Feel confident your infrastructure and platform is resilient during peak traffic events.


  • 1 Under controlled circumstances is my core web platform well built?
  • 2 What key aspects should I fix, and in what order?
  • 3 How do I rate against industry standards?

Real World

Automated testing and real user monitoring together give you a complete picture of platform performance.


  • 1 What does my real-world usage look like?
  • 2 Are there any concerns?
  • 3 What can I do to mitigate them?

Business Critical

Be it sales, signups, ad-clicks or any other type of key process, check your site doesn't fail at the critical moment.


  • 1 Are my key business processes ok?
  • 2 Are my 3rd parties behaving?
  • 3 What actions do I need to take?

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