Managed Digital Experience Monitoring

The RapidSpike Managed Digital Experience Monitoring service monitors, improves and protects your digital platforms. Above all, we help you eliminate issues that cause customer irritation and affect your online business growth.


Helping you identify & fix issues affecting your user experience

The RapidSpike Team will help you monitor your website 24×7 ensuring your customers get the very best digital experience. For instance, we collect data from your customer interactions to provide real-time data, clear analysis and insights on performance, uptime and client-side security vulnerabilities. Our service contains the following aspects:

  • We help setup RapidSpike platform perfectly for your organisation
  • We liaise with your key stakeholders on how you wish to be alerted to issues
  • We write your key user journeys to ensure your business critical processes are covered
  • We provide website effectiveness consultancy to improve your digital experience
  • We ensure you are covered for data breaches and help you understand your key vulnerabilities
  • We keep you continuously informed of how to improve your online world

Please note that you can engage with all or just parts of this service.

Make Customer Digital Experience paramount

We will provide clear insight into how your users feel, how your platform is performing & help you reduce your exposure to data breach attacks by over 99.9%, enhancing & protecting your online reputation.

RapidSpike gives you a major competitive advantage by helping improve revenue conversion, user happiness, platform stability & client-side security whilst reducing your digital carbon footprint.

We provide the answers for your key user experience questions

We all know that fast, secure and well structured digital platforms achieve better revenue conversion. Our team answer the key questions you need to know to ensure you have amazing digital experiences that grow your business:


The critical building-blocks of amazing digital customer experience are uptime, performance and security.


  1. Are we live right now?
  2. Are we fast enough?
  3. Are we secure enough?


You need to feel confident your website sturcture and platform can cope with peak traffic events.


  1. Is my website well built?
  2. What key aspects should I fix, and in what order?
  3. How do I rate against industry standards?

Real World

Controlled synthetic testing alongside real user monitoring gives you a complete picture of your platform performance.


  1. What does my real-world usage look like?
  2. Are there any concerns?
  3. What can I do to mitigate them?

Business Critical

Whether is basket conversions, signups, or any other type of key process, ensure your site doesn’t fail at critical moments.


  1. Are my key business processes running smoothly?
  2. Are my 3rd parties providers behaving?
  3. Am I sending data to untrusted destinations?

Want to know more?

Speak to our friendly sales team about how we might help you build an amazing digital experience.

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