Auto-refreshing Uptime Status Keeping up to date with your current uptime

With TV Mode you can view the live status of any/all monitors on your account. We have designed the display to work best on large-format wall mounted TVs, although TV Mode will work equally well on a laptop or smaller screen.

By default TV Mode will just show any failing monitors in your account, but it can be configured to show more information depending on your requirements.

TV Mode is the perfect tool for a design agency keeping track of hosted sites or for the support division of a larger online business where keeping an eye on current uptime is a high priority.

TV Mode is customisable according to the size/shape of your available monitor and contains a number of useful settings:

  • Frequency
    Change the frequency that TV Mode refreshes from 1 minute up to 10
  • Layout
    Organises monitors vertically or horizontally, depending on the shape/size of your screen
  • Show
    Choose to show only failing monitors, or all monitors regardless of status (grouped into websites, servers or user journeys)
  • Display Size
    For accounts with few monitors, or faraway TV screens, you can display 'large' size monitors. If you'd prefer to show a lot of monitors at once choose 'small'
  • Alert mode
    Flashes the border of the screen in bright pink when a failing monitor is discovered
  • All clear message
    Customise the message that is displayed when you have no failing monitors

How do you get TV Mode?

The TV Mode feature forms a part of our paid Plans.

To reach TV Mode, click the button in the main menu - you'll then be able to configure Settings and choose what to display.