Why RapidSpike?

RapidSpike is a perfect addition to your monitoring toolset

Web Agency

Support Manager / Dev Ops / Sales Manager

Why RapidSpike?

Do you support your customers' online presence?

Are you interested in providing exceptional customer service?

If so, ask yourself:

  • How can we differentiate our support offering?
  • Are we wasting valuable time collating reports?
  • Is there a way to resolve technical issues faster?
  • Should we be doing more to improve customer retention?
  • In the competitive digital agency market you need more than just 'me too' services to win over discerning clients.
  • Your highly skilled staff are often under utilised carrying out laborious time consuming jobs.
  • When an outage occurs your agency will be measured on how quickly you respond and remedy the problem.
  • Poor support experiences and repeated downtime erodes customer loyalty, making it hard to retain paying clients.
Assure your online business with RapidSpike logo
Assure your online business with RapidSpike logo...

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    Turn-key white labelled service

    Offer branded, customised Status Pages for your clients to monitor their own uptime and performance metrics.

    A great part of your ongoing customer support or hosting package, Public Status Pages help you to provide a fresh and feature-rich service, enabling your agency to stand out from the crowd.

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    Resell a compelling toolset

    Speak to our team abut reselling RapidSpike tools as part of your customer support and hosting contracts.

    Keep your larger customers performing at peak with advanced User Journeys monitoring their critical app and site processes. Utilise our attractive and easy-to-use dashboards and reports to go above-and-beyond for your customers.

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    Monitor proactively

    Keep a watchful eye on your hosting and detect problems before they cause downtime with RapidSpike performance monitors. Provide transparency in your support and hosting contracts with RapidSpike live monitoring and lift the pressure from your support team.

    Give your DevOps team access to the RapidSpike TV Mode for real-time uptime data.

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    World-class root cause analysis

    Support your development team by utilising RapidSpike during maintenance and deployment.

    Analyse the entire app ecosystem and get timely, accurate root cause analysis of any problems before and as they occur.

    Employ User Journey Monitors to detect issues with sites without the need for time and labour intensive testing. Use the entire RapidSpike toolset to reduce downtime and help your team get customers back online faster.

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    Improve customer retention

    Use RapidSpike to go above and beyond support expectations and create a legion of happy, loyal customers.

    The agency market is very competitive making it harder to build customer loyalty. RapidSpike allows you to lock in your customers by providing an enhanced, differentiated service offering.

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