Why RapidSpike?

RapidSpike is a perfect addition to your monitoring toolset


IT Manager / Application Support

Why RapidSpike?

Are you responsible for keeping the organisation online?

Do your customers expect your systems to be available and super fast?

If so, ask yourself:

  • What is our real user experience from around the world?
  • How do our online systems perform when we are busy?
  • Are our digital platforms performing better or worse over time?
  • Is there a way to simplify and consolidate our tool set?
  • Real user experience can differ depending on geographic region so performance must be measured at an international level.
  • Failure to adequately capacity plan can result in lost revenues, missed opportunities and poor customer satisfaction.
  • Management need to understand if the level of investment in IT is having a positive or negative impact on the platform's performance.
  • The over use of support tools can lead to complicated processes which ultimately hinder operational productivity.
Assure your online business with RapidSpike logo
Assure your online business with RapidSpike logo...

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    Global performance monitoring

    RapidSpike utilises a global network of monitoring stations to provide an accurate worldwide view of your platform's performance. For targeted analytics, select and tailor the right geographic location for your target audience.

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    Monitor your critical processes

    Use User Journey Monitoring to track the key processes of your app or site. For example, set up a journey to test the login portal every 20 minutes of every day, watching for performance spikes and errors, alerting you whenever a problem occurs.

    Keep your customers and stakeholders happy by delivering 100% uptime and optimal performance at all times.

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    Capacity planning made simple

    By tracking response times across the entire asset, you can identify how site usage is effecting performance.

    Install a Real User Monitor to track the experience of actual users as they interact with your application. Armed with this real world intelligence, managers can future proof the performance of the company's online assets.

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    Superb management reporting

    RapidSpike's reporting engine delivers powerful trending and management reports to help executives measure, manage and visualise a return on their IT spend.

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    Consolidated management system

    By focusing on the entire asset ecosystem, RapidSpike provides an opportunity for IT teams to consolidate and reduce the amount of monitoring tools used. This saves operational teams time, money and allows individuals to work faster and more efficiently.

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