Why RapidSpike?

RapidSpike is a perfect addition to your monitoring toolset

Ecommerce Sites

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Why RapidSpike?

Do you manage the operation of your shopping cart?

Are you responsible for tracking the performance of your site?

If so, ask yourself:

  • Do you know when your checkout is slowing down?
  • Have you a benchmark or KPI to measure your most critical process?
  • Does the speed of your shopping cart vary country to country?
  • What's the average daily speed for customers on your checkout?
  • Warnings can predict failures in your critical processes long before an uptime monitor fails.
  • Without benchmarking you have no way to keep your web team informed of on-going app performance.
  • Measure the performance of your platform for specific users in your target demographic.
  • Learn about how recent site updates have affected your overall performance along your key user journeys.
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Assure your website with RapidSpike logo...

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    Measure everything

    Once you receive an uptime alert it's already too late: your website is already down. Performance monitors can provide warning minutes or hours before problems occur.

    Using a Synthetic User Journey will enable you to send warnings when your key processes fall below a set threshold.

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    Track ongoing performance

    Monitor your key processes - adding to the basket, searching for products, checkout - and break down your measurements into each action taken by a customer.

    Use this data to build a performance benchmark and to learn where speed improvements can be made.

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    Test global performance

    User journeys can be run from locations across the globe, showing how your app performance varies internationally.

    Install a Real User Monitor to learn how real customers interact with the site and to leverage their demographics data in your performance monitoring.

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    In-depth performance statistics

    Measure individual pages and their statistics based on real-user data as well as Synthetic Journey monitors to build a complete picture of your performance.

    Using this combined data, you can determine a wide variety of vital metrics, including: what your slowest resources are, speed based on visitor and server location, if any errors are occurring, the impact on visitor load speed, the performance outcome of your latest deployments - and much, much more.

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