Why RapidSpike?

RapidSpike is a perfect addition to your monitoring toolset

Government Digital Services

Digital Manager / Web Manager

Why RapidSpike?

Do you follow the Digital Service Standard?

Are you monitoring your critical platform processes?

If so, ask yourself:

  • Have we followed all of the DSS guidelines?
  • Are we monitoring both uptime and performance?
  • Is our key platform process performing well?
  • Are we using the best possible tools for the job?
  • The Local Government Digital Service Standard requires you to monitor, test and ensure the performance of your online platform.
  • Simple uptime monitoring won't tell you anything about the health and ongoing performance of your platform.
  • All apps have one or more key processes - ideally these should run smoothly for all customers regardless of time of day or traffic.
  • Utilising a number of third party tools can result in higher costs and overly complex management.
Assure your online platform with RapidSpike logo
Assure your online platform with RapidSpike logo...

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    Local Government Digital Service Standard

    Measure your digital service with a number of RapidSpike tools - including uptime and end-to-end performance monitoring, to ensure a constant evolution and improvement.

    Check off a number of the Local Government DSS guidelines simply by setting up a RapidSpike account.

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    In-depth performance monitoring

    By the time you get an uptime alert it's already too late. Add intelligent performance monitors for richer and more usable, actionable data.

    Learn when your application is slowing down and what steps to take to improve performance.

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    Synthetic User Journeys

    Run a Synthetic User Journey on your critical processes - simulating a real user following a variety of steps and actions - every few minutes. Get notified as soon as a problem is detected, or if the journey begin to slow down.

    Empower your team to act swiftly in the case of performance degredation - and avoid downtime completely.

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    Consolidate your toolset

    Reduce and consolidate your third party tools into a single dashboard for all your uptime, performance and assurance monitoring. Cut costs and simplify by managing everything through just one easy-to-use interface.

    RapidSpike can generate attractive and clear management-level reports for your uptime and performance metrics.

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