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Why RapidSpike?

Do you offer a customer support or maintenance contract?

Looking to differentiate your service against your competitors?

If so, ask yourself:

  • Does our support contract include performance tools?
  • Can we offer more value to our larger clients?
  • Are we doing enough to ensure our service offering is transparent?
  • Can we help clients optimise and make the most of their infrastructure?
  • Uptime alerting is just the first level of web monitoring - much more in-depth tools are available.
  • Large enterprise businesses need comprehensive data to measure their performance metrics.
  • Maintaining a transparent policy on service performance can help earn client trust.
  • Provide the means for clients to operate faster, better performing, well optimised sites and applications.
Assure your online platform with RapidSpike logo
Assure your online platform with RapidSpike logo...

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    Measure everything

    RapidSpike tools offer much more than just uptime: including the ability to offer end-to-end performance monitoring, ensuring a constant evolution and improvement of your clients' sites.

    Once you receive an uptime alert it's already too late: your website is already down. Performance monitors can provide warning minutes or hours before problems occur.

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    Providing the big data

    Enterprise customers often require much more sophisticated monitoring, including the means to run Synthetic User Journeys (automated tests) on their key processes. With a RapidSpike partnership you can offer User Journeys as part of your on-going support contracts.

    Increase the value of your products by giving larger clients the data they need to manage their platform.

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    Maintaining a transparent policy

    In addition to offering RapidSpike to clients, you can utilise our tools to help monitor your own infrastructure and provide application-level performance metrics.

    Our Status Pages even allow you to offer a customised, branded page with monitoring statistics for each client.

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    In-depth performance statistics

    Add RapidSpike to your expanded toolset to give clients the chance to iteratively improve their platforms with on-going performance benchmarks, real user data and user journey monitoring.

    Real User Monitoring allows clients to monitor their own traffic and evaluate their server speed and performance requirements.

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