Why RapidSpike?

RapidSpike is a perfect addition to your monitoring toolset

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Why RapidSpike?

Does your business rely on an online presence?

Do you use a website to generate sales, enquiries or leads?

If so, ask yourself:

  • How will I find out when my website goes down?
  • Is my hosting provider doing a good job?
  • Should I improve my e-commerce infrastructure?
  • Is my advertising budget being well-spent?
  • Website down-time directly results in lost sales, abandoned carts and missed leads.
  • Repeated outages result in a damage to business reputation and permanent loss of customer loyalty.
  • Slow page loads result in frustrated customers and a reduction in repeat business.
  • Expensive ad campaigns can be wasted if the new traffic overwhelms your server’s bandwidth.
Assure your online business with RapidSpike logo
Assure your online business with RapidSpike logo...

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    React instantly - never miss an outage!

    Receive down-time alerts during any hour of the day, 365 days a year.

    Alerts can be sent via text SMS direct to your phone, automated voice call, email and via Slack, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams/Office 365, Pushover or through WebHooks. Alert sensitivity can be adjusted to contact you after the slightest blip, or after a set period has elapsed.

    RapidSpike will verify any failures by immediately testing again from a different country.

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    Track incidents over time

    Keep ongoing logs of your down-time incidents on every monitor within your system. Use the data to determine weaknesses in your hosting or software.

    RapidSpike structures your monitors at different levels - network, services and application - for better root cause analysis. You’ll be able to see where the outages are occurring.

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    Monitor your site speed

    RapidSpike gives you a clear graph of page response times for each monitor so you can determine the speed of your website.

    Significant slowdowns are proven to reduce conversions and alienate customers - in some cases a page load of just 4 seconds is enough to discourage potential sale.

    Customers expect a fast, efficient service so benchmark your sites performance against the competition to ensure you are performing inline with other businesses in your sector.

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    Protect your brand

    Avoid the risk of losing your domain by running a Domain Name Monitor - receive notifications if anything changes on your domain registration, or if the domain is due for renewal.

    If you have a SSL Certificate, use our SSL Monitor to track your SSL registration and to receive alerts when it get close to expiry.

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    Simplify your toolset

    RapidSpike brings a number of crucial performance and monitoring tools into a single dashboard.

    Save yourself time and effort by utilising a single login and management screen for tracking a variety of your key metrics: site uptime, page speed, SEO data, domain registration and much more.

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    Never lose another sale

    Stop losing money on your ad campaigns by assuring your website is capable of handling the traffic they generate.

    Use RapidSpike's Real User Monitoring real world performance data to plan for hourly, daily, weekly or even seasonal peaks to maximise your online revenues.

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