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Bypassing Captchas

Captchas are designed to distinguish human interaction with a site from machine input. This usually is intended to catch bots and potentially malicious malware. However, RapidSpike’s Synthetic User Journeys and monitors, as automated software, can sometimes be mistaken as potentially being unsavoury. 

To bypass being blocked by Captchas, or other challenge–response tests, we recommend safelisting our IP addresses or creating custom headers to trust RapidSpike User Journeys in future. These both ensure the Captcha is not required on requests made from our IPs.

Custom Headers

To create custom headers one would need to define a header in the Captcha provider which would prevent the Captcha being required. Then add this header to the User Journey/ Web Page Test/ Uptime monitor in the ‘custom header’ configuration option. Each custom header requires a key and a value.

Note: Custom headers can be easier to maintain than a long list of IP addresses.

Safelisting IP Addresses

To find our IP addresses go to “Global Settings” in the left blue menu. 

Then go to “IP Addresses” beneath “System Info”.

On this page is a list of our different injectors’ IP addresses for Uptime Monitoring, both standard and video Synthetic User Journey Monitoring, and Vulnerability Assurance Scanning. 

Click the black arrow button at the top right corner of each list to download a comma separated list of our different IP addresses. 

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