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How to Configure the SSL Cipher Monitor

The SSL Cipher Monitor is provided to regularly check the security ciphers enabled on your webserver with your SSL certificate to ensure that they provide an adequate level of protection following industry best practices and are free from any ciphers that lead to well-known vulnerabilities such as the BEAST and PANDA vulnerabilities.

This can also be used to ensure that the SSL Configuration of your website is compliant against the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

How do I configure the SSL Cipher Monitor

To configure the SSL Cipher Monitor, navigate to the Assurance tab for your website and simply activate the monitor.

SSL Cipher Monitor

You can then see a Passing or Failing response depending upon what has been found by the Cipher scan along with a full list of the Ciphers and any issues identified.

Note, you can only enable the SSL Cipher Monitor for websites that have SSL enabled and have been added as HTTPS websites within the RapidSpike application.

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