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How to enable Voice Call Notifications

RapidSpike support multiple ways of configuring event notifications. One of these it to send a Voice Call Notification to your mobile device when a configured rule generates a notification.

This is similar to an SMS Message notification but rather than just receiving an SMS message, the notification centre calls your mobile/cell number and the contents of the notification is read aloud for you to hear.

This benefits in the fact that a phone call has more chance of getting your attention over a simple SMS message.

In order to configure voice call notifications, first click your user name in the top right hand corner in order to open the Account Menu. From this click on Settings to be taken to the Account Settings screen.

From this screen you can enter your mobile/cell phone number. Be sure to use the correct flag to correlate to your location as this sets the country code for the number.

Once this is configured, in the Notification Rules you will now have Voice Call available as an option.

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