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Section: Account Settings

Account Settings:

Here’s everything you can do on this page!

1) Update your personal profile

Here you can add, change or remove any of your personal details from First Name/Last Name through to Phone Number and Profile Photo. This section also allows you to change your Time Zone and Full Screen preference. 

2) Change your background/app header

The App Header section gives you the option of either A) Removing your header completely, leaving empty greyness or B) Applying one of many (pretty nice) images to spice up your RapidSpike system and TV Mode.

3) Add/Remove company branding

The bottom, Company Branding, section allows you to upload, change or remove the Company Logo used on both Public Status Pages & PDF reports. From here you will also be able to toggle between your company branding and our, RapidSpike, branding. 

4) Change your password

If you’re not happy with your current password or need to change it for security simply visit the “PASSWORD” tab. From here you’ll need your existing password and you’ll be set! 

5) Change your email preferences

Every now and then we send out the occasional email to let you know what we’ve been up to. We understand you may not want to receive every email from us so we’ve given you the option to opt out of individual email types. Simply hit the “EMAILS” tab to change the emails you’ll receive.

6) View and reset your API keys

Wanting to use the RapidSpike API? You’ll need API keys. As long as your plan allows it you can generate your API keys here! Simply visit the “API KEYS” tab and copy the keys you need. If you have issues with your current keys, the “RESET KEYS” button will generate a new set.


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