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Section: Alerts Delivery Methods

Delivery Methods:

Delivery Methods decide who is notified when an alert occurs, and how they are notified. They are reused across all alerts.

Here’s everything you can do on this page!

1) Create new Delivery Methods 

If you’ve yet to set up your Delivery Methods you need to create one or more Delivery Methods by hitting “+ ADD DELIVERY METHOD“.

For example: You make two Delivery Methods. One sends an email and a message over Slack to the website admin. You call this Delivery Method “First Response”. The second is set to make a voice call to the lead developer, you name this one “Emergency”. You can then, when applying rules, use “First Response” for minor issues and the “Emergency” method for serious problems – lengthy downtime, etc.

2) Edit Existing Delivery Methods 

If you’ve set up your Delivery Methods incorrectly or need to make a quick change simply hit the settings cog and choose “EDIT” on the delivery method you’d like to change. This will then bring up the same pop-up used during the creation process allowing you to change who the alert goes to, how it goes to them and the sensitivity (for uptime).

3) Delete Existing Delivery Methods 

Similar to editing your Delivery Methods you’ll first need to locate the method you’d like to delete and press the settings cog then the Delete (bin) option. This will launch a final prompt giving you the option of either continuing or cancelling the deletion of your Delivery Method.


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