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Section: Dashboard


The main dashboard is split into a number of key sections:

1) Overview

The main overview page shows all the websites configured on your account. Alongside each site is a screenshot (if available), plus a monitor count and the current Insights – colour-coded by score (Critical, Red, Amber, Green, Star). 

2) Issues

We know your current issues may be the main reason you’ve logged in. Because of that we’ve put issues front and centre. Click Issues in the sidebar to see a few key sections: Live Issues (a live dashboard showing all current problems), Recent Issues and a Notification Log, which shows the alerts RapidSpike has sent.

3) Favourites

This menu item will display a list of all your favourited sites/servers. Visit the Config section to add more.

4) Wallboards

Wallboards are live updating views we have created to give you a clear picture of the current status of your core monitors. We have a number of wallboards to choose from – all of which have a “TV Mode” button in the top-right corner, which when pressed will display your data in full-screen. Ideal for use on wall-mounted TVs in the office! Key wallboards include: 

Shows your Page Performance and User Journey monitors. Each row is coloured to show what status the monitor had at a given time. See the key at the top to find out what each colour means. This wallboard also include extra filtering options.

Shows all uptime monitors – e.g. Ping, TCP, Web Page (HTTP) and API, grouped by websites and servers on your account. Can be viewed in “full” or “compact” modes.

The custom wallboard is a view you can configure yourself to display whatever monitors you wish. Just click “add widget” to choose from a variety of options.


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