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Section: IPM: Stats

IPM – Statistics

A one page breakdown of various stats surrounding your HAR file. 

Here’s everything you can do on this page!

1) View stats on Content types, Timings, IP addresses and locations 

Broken into the four areas, these pie charts give a quick – top level breakdown of the various stats pulled from your journeys HAR file(s).

2) Change IPM settings

Located in the top right hand corner (Settings cog) -IPM settings gives you the option to change everything from the IPM Description and check interval through to the elements you blacklist and ignore.

3) View and create Alerts

Alerts are the core of the RapidSpike system, finding out what your issues are as soon as they happen is crucial so we’ve made it easier than ever to create, view and edit alerts. To view these your existing alerts or to add new ones simply hit the “ALERTS” tab at the top of the page. From this page you’ll be add new Alert Rules by hitting “ALERT SETTINGS>” as well as view the existing rules associated to this monitor below.