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Section: Plan and Billing

Plan & Billing:

Here’s everything you can do on this page!

1) View your current plan & monitor limits

The “Your Plan” tab features all the information you’ll need to understand your current plan and its limits including any of the extras included. From this tab you also the “CANCEL ACCOUNT” option which takes you to a “Reason for cancelling” page.

2) Upgrade/Downgrade your plan and buy add-ons

Whether you want to upgrade or downgrade this tab gives you the option to do so. Simply click “UPGRADE TO…” and follow the on screen prompts. Our system will calculate the difference in cost and let you know your new plan instantly.

If you want something a bit more tailored get in touch via the “SCHEDULE A CALL” or “SEND AN EMAIL” buttons around the middle of the page.

Finally, this page gives you the option to buy add-ons. If you’re happy with your plan but need a few more, for example, IPM Credits then hit “BUY CREDITS” and choose the correct bundle for you!

3) View and Update billing details

The third tab, “BILLING” is where the current card/Payment details for your account are displayed. You’ll also see the option to update said details here.  

4) View previous invoices

The last tab, “INVOICES” allows you to generate and view invoices from your previous payment term. Simply click “VIEW” next to the invoice date you’d like to check and the invoice will generate instantly. 

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