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Section: TV Mode

TV Mode

Designed to work best on large screens , TV Mode is a customisable, live-updating, full-screen dashboard with access to a wide variety of detailed metrics.

Here’s everything you can do on this page!

1) Change TV Mode Settings

The most basic function of TV Mode, simply click the settings cog in the top right. From this screen you’ll be able to change the Refresh Rate for on-screen data as well as the Data History displayed. This screen also allows you to add TV Mode Widgets which are discussed below.

2) Add TV Mode Widgets

The core of TV Mode, widgets allow you to display the data that matters to you – in a way that makes the most sense to you. As before, click the settings cog in the top right and select the widget you’d like to add from pop-up. Dependant on the widget you will either receive the option to instantly add the module to your TV mode or tweak it further. For example, selecting “Critical website” will give you the option to display the widget in a compact form as well as allowing you to choose which site and monitors you wish to display. 

3) Delete, move or edit existing TV Mode Widgets

Each widget will have its own settings cog and holdable move button in the top right of its box. The move button allows you to re-order the widgets to suit your needs, this drag and drop feature depends on the widget size but most are universally moveable. Editing a widget on the other hand is dependant on the widget, all will have the settings cog giving you the basic options to delete or hide/show but the other options change widget to widget. For example, the “Current Website Status” widget gives you the option to change between full and compact mode as well as increase/reduce the number of items displayed.

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