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Website – Google Analytics

Google Analytics data really compliments the work we do on Uptime Monitoring and User Journey Monitoring so providing integration between Google Analytics and our own service has always been hot on our feature list.

Here’s everything you can do on this page!

1) Add Google Analytics intergration 

To enable Google Analytics integration, you first need to authorise at least one Google Analytics account. Please see the Google Authentication section in Settings > Account. Once integrated you’ll be able to hit “ENABLE GOOGLE ANALYTICS MONITOR” and get started.

2) View Status and Stats provided by GA

Broken into both monitor status and Domain/Link statistic. This page gives you a general overview of the account linked to Google Analytics and the number of sessions tracked over a period of time.

3) Change the data history displayed

Whether you want to see data for the last week or the last year – Simply hit the Clock button in the top right and use the drop down to select your preferred data history. This button will display the current data period so you know what its set to currently!

4) Change general SEO settings

Reached from the settings cog in the top right hand corner. General SEO settings allow you to see the current check interval of all SEO based monitors.

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