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Website – Insights

Insights use the data gathered by your monitors to create simple actionable steps towards improving your website.


  • Critical: Issues that we recommend you fix urgently.
  • Red: Serious problems that should be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Amber: Minor issues that should be resolved when time allows.
  • Green: No problems to report – everything is OK.
  • Star: Awarded to insights where your website is performing excellently.


Shows the current state of your website and its Insights. We break down this data by monitor category, showing you what monitors you have running.

Critical, Red, Amber, Green and Star

Each tab displays a list of Insights for that type. You can click on each Insight to view a full set of data – including descriptions, remediation and other vital information.

Click on the monitor title at the bottom of the Insight to view the monitor itself. This is where you will find the dashboard data – graphs, tables etc and have produced the Insight.

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