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Website: Page Monitors (HTTP)

Add a New Page and Monitors

First to the website/webapp you would like to add a page monitor to.

To do so, go to the “Websites” tab in the left blue menu, and select the website/webapp you are editing the monitor for. Then go to “Pages” in the sub-menu below “Websites” in the left blue menu.

In the upper right corner of this page click the green  “Add Page” button. This will open a form where you can set up a new page with an Uptime monitor, Google Lighthouse and a webpage test.

View Page Monitors

Go to the “Pages” tab in the left blue menu under “Websites”, where you can view an overview of your page monitors’ performance. You can see a further breakdown of each monitor’s performance in greater detail using the Uptime, Webpage Test, Google Lighthouse and Waterfall & Elements tabs.

See our blog post on Google Lighthouse here!

Edit and Pause Page Monitors

In the upper right corner of “Page Overview”, or any of the tabs below, is an “Edit” button with a cog icon. Click this to be taken to a settings page where you can alter your monitors’ frequency, test regions, and other settings.

Note: This page can also be reached via the “Website Settings” tab in the left blue menu.

View and create Alerts

Navigate to “Global Settings” in the left blue menu, and select the “Uptime Rules” tab below. On this page you can view your existing rules to trigger alerts, or create a new one using the “Add rule” button.

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