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Synthetic User Journeys and Google Analytics

One concern we receive about our Synthetic User Journeys are the effect they will have on a companies Google Analytics account. As we can be visiting numerous pages in a very mechanistic fashion at frequent intervals, if this is not handled correctly it could skew the results seen by Google Analytics and prevent rogue data back to the business about the utlisation of their website.

Google Analytics

As outlined in the IP Address Whitelisting Knowledge Base article, we have configured our User Journey engine to be totally ‘invisible’ to Google Analytics (GA) so our clients do not need to create filters in their GA accounts. We do this by automatically stopping our journey injectors from making requests to GA tracking links.

We achieve this by automatically stopping our user journey injectors from making requests to GA tracking links which may be present on your website.

So you can rest assured that running multiple RapidSpike Synthetic User Journeys will have no effect on the Google Analytics data you receive and utilise within your business.


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