Key Monitors

Take a look at our flagship security and performance products – all of which can be easily set up and managed from the app.

Attack Detected. Magecart Monitor

Magecart Detection

Critical for any online business worried about potential data breaches, Magecart, supply-chain attacks, formjacking or skimming.

Our Magecart Detection is an elegantly simple way to have 100% confidence in where data is being sent from your website and your third parties.

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User Journeys

If you have key processes on your website – such as account creation, buying products, searches, logins – you should be checking them as frequently as possible.

User Journeys are synthetic monitors that behave exactly like a customer, following a defined series of actions all day, every day.

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Real User Monitoring

If performance is important to you, it makes sense to understand how real users use your website – and how their demographics affect their experience.

RUM track your real live traffic, so you can learn how to improve, and get alerts when things slow down.

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Web Vitals Monitoring

Uptime alone is not enough: in the modern world pages also need to be quick.

Page Performance Monitors are the ultimate performance tool: giving you the speed and size of all elements on a page, as well as Google Audit (Lighthouse) scores each time they run.

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Google Lighthouse

We’ve added Google Lighthouse to RapidSpike as part of our Intelligent Page Monitor (IPM). Our IPM is one of our key performance products, and we highly recommend setting one up for each of your key pages.

Our Audits are categorised, so you can see what you passed, failed, and what audits must be performed manually. 

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Webpage Test

Monitor your page from a variety of world-wide locations, tracking performance by downloading the page resources and measuring their speed.

Use compare to identify why a specific test was slow or had issues. Compare Mode shows you vital test data, location and timings as well as a full Waterfall view of all elements loaded.

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