Supercharged single-page monitoring

Your uptime monitor may think everything is fine — the IPM will know for certain.

Monitor your page from a variety of world-wide locations, tracking performance
by downloading the page resources and measuring their speed.

A vital part of your complete monitoring package, IPMs measure the parts of your pages
that uptime monitors don't track. This includes major customer-affecting issues like
poor performance and on-page errors.

Uptime versus Intelligent Page Monitoring

  • The uptime monitor only checks the page response.
    Your page may be slow and full of errors and you would be none the wiser.

  • The IPM on the other hand checks every single page element (HAR file) and measures the overall speed of the page.

  • This allows the IPM to measure the performance of the page and detect subtle errors hidden within the page.

Track and benchmark vital page metrics

Intelligent Page Monitoring gives a wealth of information for every page, each time it's run. Currently our IPMs run from every 5 minutes to every hour, depending on the settings. These monitors can also track your site from a variety of locations around the world, giving you a crystal clear picture of your performance.

Benchmark page speed automatically

You can’t manage what you can’t measure - use the IPM to understand the what normal page performance looks like. Use this benchmark to set your tolerance threshold for future alerts.

Detect changes in page behaviour

If the page is slowing down there is probably a valid reason. The IPM allows you to set a performance thresholds so that changes in page speed can be highlighted.

Worst offenders

Understand the speed and overhead of every page element so that bottlenecks can be ironed out.

Geo-tag the page

Geo tag the page to identify the real-world location of each page component. You may be surprised by the results!

Visualise your website's true performance

Each Intelligent Page Monitor downloads a screenshot of the page as it runs. We also analyse the page and download all resources/elements, recording full data including requests and responses.

Capture page screenshots

Screenshots are captured each time the page monitor runs, giving you a visual of the page at the time.

Detailed waterfall analysis of each step

Explore the HTTP Archive (HAR) File to view data on every page element: including size, load time and the request and response headers.

Track the makeup of the page

The IPM will graph all the elements making up your page, allowing you to see views showing your 'worst offenders' (slowest elements), a map of all elements by location, or by IP Address.

Find out more about our IPM - download our info sheet:

Intelligent Page Monitors (PDF)