Security Javascript Security Monitoring

Do you know if one of your websites has been compromised and is stealing your users credit card data?

Receive notifications when the JavaScript on your website or web application changes that could indicate a security threat.

The issues of JavaScript Security

JavaScript security is an increasing issue that needs to be addressed by website owners.

The threat posed by hackers utilising JavaScript as an attack vector is gaining in popularity with some recent breaches hitting the news headlines.

These JavaScript attacks occur by exploiting a vulnerability on the webserver to gain access to the website and to either inject malicious JavaScript code into an existing file or to edit the HTML of the website to call a new third party JavaScript file that includes the malicious code. Both of these variants have been seen in recent attacks.

RapidSpike App - Javascript Sescurity

JavaScript Security Monitoring

The RapidSpike JavaScript Security Monitor works by building a whitelist of the allowed JavaScript files on your website and then notifying you if any new files appear. You can also track your critical JavaScript files for changes and you are also notified if these files are altered which could indicate an attempted hack.

RapidSpike App - Javascript Sescurity

Benefits of JavaScript Security Monitoring

  • Ensure that no JavaScript files get added to your website without your knowledge.
  • Be able to protect against unauthorised changes to your existing critical JavaScript files.
  • Maintain a Whitelist of JavaScript files for your website.
  • Obtain total visibility of all JavaScript files employed on your website.
  • Receive alerts of any issues in the format of your choice.