Security Google Safe Browsing

Ensure that your site has not been compromised and is available to users via the Google search engine.

What is Google Safe Browsing?

Google Safe Browsing is a resource maintained by Google that lists and tracks sites known to contain malicious code - malware, untrusted software etc - and social engineering tactics, such as phishing and other forms of deception.

Appearing on this list - for obvious reasons - is bad news.

What data do we record?

Once configured, your Google Safe Browsing monitor will appear on the Overview page of the relevant website. The monitor highlights the current status - green for OK and pink if it fails the test.

The Google Safe Browsing list identifies several types of reasons why a website can be added to the list. These are:

  • Malware
  • Potentially Harmful Application
  • Social Engineering
  • Unwanted Software
  • Threat Type Unspecified

RapidSpike App - Google Safe Browse

How do you get started?

The Google Safe Browsing monitor can be added through the user interface for any website that is configured in the system. Just click "Add" in the main menu - you can attach this monitor to existing websites or create a new site.

The RapidSpike Google Safe Browsing monitor is a paid plan feature.

Why monitor Google Safe Browsing?

Once a website is added to the Safe Browsing list users will see a warning in Google Search Results, and may be alerted by their browser if they try to visit the site. The warnings are stark red and unmissable!

For obvious reasons, being added to this list can result in very serious consequences for site traffic and customer trust.