Monitor, measure and analyse
your most critical application journeys

Simulate real users accessing your application
from all around the world.

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Stop reacting and take control

Synthetic User Journeys can be configured to follow any sort of key application process, from simple browsing of a website to page interactions, communicating with an API and much more.
For this reason every Synthetic User Journey scripted by our team is bespoke, tailored to your requirements.

What are your application's key processes?

  • Easily monitor any of these vital website and application journeys:

  • Shopping Cart & Checkout

    Example journey steps:

    1. Browse for specific or a random product
    2. Choose product options - size, colour etc
    3. Add to shopping basket
    4. Proceed to checkout

    Ensure your checkout process is full working and operating at a tolerable speed.

  • Search & filter

    Example journey steps:

    1. Enter a search query
    2. Browse results pages
    3. Select one or more filters
    4. View a result

    Check your product or service search is operating, and that any filters work properly.

  • Account register & login

    Example journey steps:

    1. Visit account registration
    2. Fill in form fields
    3. Submit form
    4. Login to account

    Check that users can register accounts and access your application at any time.

  • API transactions

    Example journey steps:

    1. Authentication with API
    2. Read & interact with endpoints
    3. Check expected outputs
    4. Assure 3rd Party dependencies

    Connect to and retrieve data from an API - be it internal or third party.

  • ... or any bespoke internal or external application journey:

  • Bespoke Journeys

    Some Popular Journeys:

    • Web Application Performance Monitoring - Monitor and measure distributed internal bespoke web applications
    • 3rd-Party Plugin Monitoring - Keep track of critical 3rd party processes
    • Cross-System Monitoring - Track systems across multiple platforms

    We can monitor just about any internal application journey - speak to our team for more information.

Equip your team with
truly valuable performance data

  • Dynamically baseline performance & trending to flag emerging issues

  • Understand the speed and availability of all resources

  • Discover errors that might be invisible to the outside world

Create a baseline of journey performance

The longer your user journey runs the more data we’ll be able to collect in reports, tables and graphs. We can then provide you with the information you need to baseline your average journey length and to detect critical failures before they happen.

Set accurate alerting thresholds

You can set an individual threshold per location - and so allow different tolerances for slower regions. Once a threshold is breached, RapidSpike will send a notification out to you, letting you know that something is slowing down or failing completely.

Immediate root cause analysis

Use RapidSpike to view detailed summaries of any error - as well as the full load times, response and request headers for every page element loaded during your journey.

Identify problems before anyone else does

Using a journey monitoring system means that you will be able to identify and react to slowdowns in your website or application before it becomes unusable or unavailable.

Just explain the journey... we’ll do the rest

RapidSpike takes the pain away from traditional user journey monitoring. Simply describe your user journey and our highly skilled engineers will create a dynamic script to help you monitor your most complicated application processes.

Journey creation included

We understand every application is bespoke, so all journeys are tailored to fit each client engagement. This approach provides a great deal of development creativity and flexibility.

Engineers on hand ready to support changes

The expert team of engineers at RapidSpike will modify and update any journey for you, meaning no technical expertise is required.

Global monitoring infrastructure

Configure your journey to run from locations around the world, with separate alerting thresholds for each location - simulating an international audience to your application.

Focus on the problem not the tool

Our aim is to make your application monitoring effortless - so you can focus on providing a great service and 100% uptime.

Visualise your application's true performance

Each step of the journey is recorded with our screen capture technology. Quickly visualise the journey and capture with detailed information about each step.

Screenshots taken at each stage of your user journey show you what a real user would see at that point in the journey.

Expandable HTTP Archive (HAR) Files show you every page element, its size, load time and the request and response headers.

Automatically detect page content

To ensure a process has completed successfully we can monitor for specific content - search results, an item added to the basket, checkout message, advert loaded - and so on.

Want to know more? Download our info sheet:

Synthetic User Journeys (PDF)