Protect your customers’ data from web skimming attacks

75% of all cyber attacks are web skimming attacks targeting your website directly. Keep your customers safe by managing your website’s 3rd parties.

  • Detects hackers in minutes not months
  • Protect your customer’s data from theft
  • Prevent massive data breach fines
  • Avoid damage to your business’ reputation
  • One tool, three methods, deeper protection

Get protected today with RapidSpike’s Magecart Attack Detection

Magecart Attack Detection - Malicious Attack

Key benefits of Magecart Attack Detection

You are only as strong as your weakest link

  • Monitor every 3rd & 4th Party host on your website.
  • Manage your website ecosystem dynamically for more robust security.
  • Minimise maintenance by auto trusting from our global safe list.
  • Check new hosts against our malicious list and helpful tools.
Magecart Attack Detection - Trusted Hosts

Stop hackers in their tracks

  • Be alerted immediately when data is sent somewhere you don't trust.
  • Easy to use dashboard for use in IT security centres.
  • Protect your website 24/7 every minute of every day.
  • Continously monitor for changes before, during and after an attack.
Magecart Attack Detection - Stopping Hackers

Prevent data breaches & reputation damage

  • Attack detection time reduced from months to minutes.
  • Ensure no malicious destinations get added to your website.
  • Clear evidence for the ICO that you have defended yourself.
  • Catching hackers early reduces press attention.
Magecart Attack Detection - Preventing Data Breaches

Three methods in one tool

  • Scanner: Scan for common hacker patterns & signatures.
  • Synthetic: Run your key customer journeys for deeper analysis.
  • Real User: Protect key pages for every single customer.
Magecart Attack Detection - Three Methods One Tool

Protect your customers' data, prevent massive fines and avoid damage to your business' reputation.