Make Sure You Get Notified

RapidSpike provides a comprehensive and dynamic alerting system so the right people get notified at the right time. Add a wide variety of contact methods, configure escalation for serious problems – and much more.

Configure Delivery Methods

Choose who is notified and how. For example:

  • Method 1: Support team via Slack.
  • Method 2: Management, via email and Microsoft Teams.
  • Method 3: Dev Ops, via Voice/SMS.

Set up Alert Rules

Set the conditions to trigger for an alert, for example:

  • When a page loads too slowly
  • Traffic dips below a threshold
  • A key process stops working
  • An uptime monitor starts to fail

Get Notified

Sit back, and let the alerts and notifications do their thing.

  • Check for false positives
  • Rerun from global locations
  • Perform root cause analysis
  • When & where its appropriate

Choose Your Delivery Methods

Set up who is notified and how by creating Delivery Methods, our way of grouping recipients into teams. Adding multiple delivery methods enables you to escalate issues higher up the chain if they are not resolved.

Trigger Advanced Alerts

Configure your alerts to activate via a wide variety of triggers, from element load times, traffic volume and file sizes to complete outages and down-time. Many of these can be tailored in specific detail.

Advanced alerts
Notification rule conditions

Preventing False-Positives and Avoid Alert Fatigue

Uptime errors are automatically retested in another region – and only sent once two concurrent failures are established.

Monitors also have a “sensitivity” threshold – so you can chose to alert as soon as a problem occurs, or wait for multiple failures.

What Advanced Alerts Will You Configure?

Quickly and easily set up alerts to notify you in hundreds of different situations. Here are just a few examples:

User Journeys

  • The load time exceeds 5 seconds on Step 1
  • A JPG exceeds 1MB in size
  • Combined file size of all scripts is over 500KB
  • The stylesheet takes over 3 seconds to load

Real User Monitor

  • Site load speed has increased by 20% since last week
  • Total browser load time is greater that 3 seconds
  • Visits have dropped by 50% since last week
  • Visits on the Order page have increased by 100%

Page Load

  • The page is down, and has been for the last 3 checks
  • Site load time is more than 10 seconds
  • Errors have been detected on any element
  • An element has taken over 2 seconds to load, twice in a row

Connect Anything

  • My server load is over 90%
  • Disk space is below 5%
  • Stock volume has dropped to less than 10 items
  • Temperature gauge reads over 10°c

Alert Methods & Integrations

Get alerts through a wide variety of methods and integrations

  • Zendesk
  • Pushover
  • Slack
  • PagerDuty
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Teams
  • Splunk
  • OpsGenie
  • Webhooks
  • Voice Call
  • Google Analytics

Missing an Integration? Let our team know and we can add it for you.

RapidSpike Website monitoring integration - Zendesk
RapidSpike Website monitoring integration - Pushover
RapidSpike Website monitoring integration - Slack
RapidSpike Website monitoring integration - Teams
RapidSpike Website monitoring integration - VictorOps Splunk
RapidSpike Website monitoring integration - OpsGenie
RapidSpike Website monitoring integration - PagerDuty
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