Keep third parties on your website fast, safe and accountable.

Third parties are essential to the running of modern ecommerce sites, for adding basic functionality, support and marketing purposes. We check your third parties browsing your website just like a customer would, here’s how we do it:


Identify if any third parties are stopping your customers from shopping. Check your key processes 24/7 and ensure that your third parties are present and working at all times on your website, and be alerted instantly if something isn’t right. 


View all the third parties loading on your webpage and their impact on your page load. Check exactly what is being loaded onto your site. Make sure that your third parties aren’t making your page load slowly and sending your customers elsewhere.


See how your third parties are affecting your page performance and user experience. Identify performance bottlenecks and third parties impacting your Core Web Vitals: affecting user experience and SEO.

Identify customer-facing third-party issues

Issues with third parties can often go unnoticed but can be vital to customers. RapidSpike’s user journey system can quickly identify if any crucial elements during the customer journey, such as payment pages and eCommerce tools, are missing or not working correctly.

Set up checks to ensure your key processes are working correctly and spot issues before your customers do.

Historical Analysis

Track performance trends over time for individual page elements with our in-depth historical analysis tool. Identify patterns, track improvements, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your overall user experience.

Compare Third Parties

RapidSpike’s Page Load Monitors and User Journeys collate all the data on your third parties and allow you to identify the third parties which are increasing the load time and costing you conversions.

Slowest third parties

Bring the data together using RapidSpike’s third-party explorer. 

The third-party explorer dashboard brings together powerful third-party data across the RapidSpike monitoring suite to create a full picture of your website and third parties. Gain a comprehensive overview of all third parties on your website with quick diagnosis of third parties with the most significant load time. 

See any key highlights, such as any Third Parties with significant load time, thread blocking or frequent element failures like 404s. This will allow you to quickly identify issues, pinpoint performance spikes and identify intermittent problems.