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For individuals just getting started. Free for startups and charities.

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  • Self-service for those ready to dive straight in
  • Focus on reliability
  • For small teams


For growing teams and companies with important website(s).

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  • Free initial training and frictionless setup
  • Focus on performance
  • For medium-sized teams


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For companies with advanced monitoring and support needs.

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  • Tailored onboarding with a dedicated account manager
  • Full spectrum monitoring
  • For large teams/multi-brands

All core website monitoring features are included in all plans. Extra licenses required for Attack Detection.

Free Start-up & Charity Accounts

Available to registered charities, and also to businesses that are less than 3 years old, have under £1m investment and fewer than 5 employees.

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Interested In Payment Theft Protection?

Protect your customers against web-skimming, formjacking and magecart-style attacks.

  • Minimise downtime by debugging website issues in half the time
  • Improve conversions up to 15% through fixing insights
  • 200 times more website data than regular uptime tools
  • Stop payment theft in minutes, not months

How We Calculate Prices


Add your initial RapidSpike license to unlock all the features.

If you need to protect your payment & login pages, add an attack detection license.


Powered by data usage credits. Only pay for what you need.

Book a chat with a friendly advisor who will calculate your credit allowance.


Recommended for some of our clients, or if you don’t have the in house skills or the time.

If you need a managed service or a user journey script writing, talk to our helpful team.


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Get up to 30% off for bulk purchasing, annual payments and favourable payment terms.