Magento Security Scanner

The latest in a long line of supercharged improvements to our scanning software, we can now detect and analyse vulnerabilities in Magento websites!

Pushover Notifications

Integrate your RapidSpike account with Pushover and receive mobile notifications when any of your alerts are triggered!

Introducing Dashboard Widgets

Customise your RapidSpike dashboard with widgets designed to show a wide variety of key stats on your account, monitors and critical websites and servers!

Penetration Testing from RapidSpike

We are pleased to announce the addition of Penetration Testing as a Service - assess your infrastructure and web apps for security vulnerabilities.

WordPress Security Scanning

Scan your WordPress website for core, theme and plugin vulnerabilities with this great extension to our security scanning software.

Vulnerability Scanning with RapidSpike

Our newest security feature is an advanced Vulnerability Scanner capable of detecting software or configuration vulnerabilities in your Network or Web App.