Monitor core server availability via ping, as well as checking TCP Port status – open or closed, and response time.


Monitor individual pages for correct status code, response time, and even specific content in the HTML.


Send a POST/PUT/DELETE to an API endpoint, along with specific content and expected response.

Add uptime monitors easily

Add Monitors Easily

Create new monitors in your account in seconds with scanning and monitor auto-detection. Effortlessly add new websites, pages and servers – your monitors will be created in seconds, lowering the time it takes you to assure your business.

RapidSpike can scale to monitor hundreds or even thousands of specific servers, website pages or endpoints.

Highly Configurable

Monitors can be run up to 1 minute intervals. You can also select from our global network of testing regions. Configure your monitors with response timeouts, expected status codes, custom headers, basic auth and much more!

Customise your uptime test interval and region


Get notified of your downtime on the go via phone, text, email or through any of our integrated services. For larger support teams, multiple notification rules can be triggered on a single issue – notifying different team members the longer your outage lasts. We also have built-in and configurable protection against false-positives.

Root Cause Analysis

We help you identify the root cause of the problem quickly. Regardless of where the problem exists, we will provide you with all the information you need to remedy the issue. This includes automatic traceroutes, nMaps and other debugging assistance. 

Robust and Reliable Testing Infrastructure

RapidSpike is a cloud-based service, meaning that our infrastructure does not rely on a single server or testing location to verify your uptime. If we detect a problem with your website our system will first verify it by retesting from another location. This ensures we don’t send you false positives in the event of a wider network issue.

Ensure Your Sitemap Is Functional

RapidSpike’s Sitemap Monitoring checks that the links found in your sitemaps are working correctly, and not returning 404’s. This ensures your customers are not reaching broken pages, and allows search engines to crawl your sites effectively and rank your pages in search results.

Dashboards and Live Updates

Our fantastic wallboards are designed for display on large screens and visible from a distance, giving you a live feed of monitor status.