Security: Strong reputations grow businesses

Great reputations are hard to win but easy to lose. The RapidSpike platform has a strong suite of security features that protect you from website skimming attacks, scan for the latest vulnerabilities, check your external perimeter and much more.


Defend against the worlds most dangerous cyber threats

The greatest threat to online consumers today is website data skimming with one of the main groups, Magecart regularly hitting the headlines. Manage a trusted list with RapidSpike, monitors every outbound destination and reduce detection time from days to minutes.

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RapidSpike App - Vulnerabiltiy Scanning


Scan and discover the very latest Web App and Network vulnerabilities

Be proactive, not reactive and protect your entire ecosystem by performing a regularly scheduled scan. RapidSpike looks for configuration issues, vulnerabilities and potential exploits to find and help you fix critical security issues in order to protect your online reputation.

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RapidSpike App - Port Scanning


Keep your perimeter protected with regular port scanning

This RapidSpike Security Monitoring feature ensures that your external facing systems are not advertising any services that they should not. Furthermore, if something does change with the perimeter of your network you are alerted immediately.

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RapidSpike App - SSL Cipher


Check against the latest SSL cipher standards for misconfiguration

The use of SSL for websites has been a defacto standard for a number of years. An incorrectly configured web server can lead to vulnerabilities within the SSL delivery mechanism which in turn can leave you open to attacks, so its therefore important you maintain a high standard.

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RapidSpike App - Google Safe Browse


Regularly scan Google’s Safe Browse list to ensure you aren’t on the block list

Find out if your site is listed on Google Safe Browsing – and why – using our Safe Browsing Monitor. This monitor will run regularly to ensure you are kept up to date with your current status and able to act if there are any changes, or the if worst should happen, you get blacklisted.

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