Protect your online world
with Security Monitoring

Perimeter scanning, Data Breach monitoring, blacklist detection - and more

Vulnerability Scanner

Network and Web App scanning for security risks

RapidSpike App - Vulnerabiltiy Scanning

Protect your entire ecosystem by performing a regularly scheduled scan, looking for configuration issues, vulnerabilities and potential exploits.

Utilise the RapidSpike Network and Web App Vulnerability Scans to determine issues on one or more servers or websites, and then use the generated report to fix any issues we encounter.

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Port Scanning

Schedule regular port scans and keep your perimeter protected

RapidSpike App - Port Scanning

As part of the reconnaissance of your business, any potential hacker would perform a port scan of your external facing systems to look for misconfigurations that allow them access to your network.

This RapidSpike Security Monitoring feature allows you to be sure that your external facing systems are not advertising any services that they should not and to be notified if something changes with the perimeter of your network.

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Data Breach Monitoring

Supercharge your User Journey by monitoring for potential data breaches

RapidSpike App - Javascript Security

Track your own JavaScript and JavaScript provided by 3rd parties for potential breaches.

One of the new emerging security threats faced by website owners is the addition of rogue JavaScript into a company's website to perform some malicious action such as to steal credit card data from users.

This RapidSpike Security Monitoring feature provides a mechanism to be notified if we detect a breach.

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Malicious User Detection

Enlist the power of botnet detection with our traffic analyser

RapidSpike App - Malicious User Detection

Be alerted to an increase in real traffic to your website from known malicious sources. This can include automated botnets, attack networks, rogue proxy servers amongst others.

The RapidSpike Malicious User Detection feature provides an early warning detection system to notify you of when there is an increase of real malicious users to your website or web application.

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SSL Cipher Monitoring

Check your ciphers for misconfiguration

RapidSpike App - SSL Cipher

The use of SSL for websites has been a defacto standard for a number of years. An incorrectly configured webserver can lead to vulnerabilities within the SSL delivery mechanism.

The RapidSpike Security Monitoring feature scans the available Ciphers on your webserver and identifies any misconfigurations that could lead to security issues.

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Google Safe Browsing

Regularly scan Google's Safe Browse list

RapidSpike App - Google Safe Browse

Ending up on Google's Safe Browsing list is bad news. A site can be listed for a variety of reasons, including being known to host malware or to engage in phishing attempts.

Find out if your site is listed on Google Safe Browsing - and why - using our Safe Browsing Monitor. Once configured this monitor will run regularly ensuring you are kept up to date and able to act if the worst should happen.

Avoid the embarrassment and potential impact on your customers by keeping a close eye on the reputation your website holds. As well as being used on Google Search, the Safe Browse list is also utilised by browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

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