RapidSpike Keeps Kurt Geiger

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Weekly security checks

60 Seconds

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Kurt Geiger is one of the UK’s leading footwear and accessories retailers, established over 50 years ago, owning many established brands including: Kurt Geiger London, KG Kurt Geiger and Carvela.

With 5 different eCommerce websites to maintain, and multiple third party integrations adding code and functionality to each online store, the team needed visibility across how each integration was interacting with the website and where each piece of data was coming from.

They required a solution that would help identify any vulnerabilities, or potentially malicious attacks, that could latch onto any weaknesses in their supply chain and compromise their code – ultimately aiming to steal customers personal and financial information on checkout.

For eCommerce businesses it is vitally important to maintain a secure service, as any data breaches may lose customer trust, risk hefty fines and damage reputation – all of which have a negative impact on revenue.


After searching for a platform that would enhance their website and checkout security, as well as provide peace of mind against malicious attacks, Kurt Geiger engaged with RapidSpike in 2020 to begin using our advanced security solution – Magecart Attack Detection.

Primarily chosen for its unrivalled price tag, RapidSpikes customer service credentials and quick response times – coupled with its one of a kind functionality – has led to the partnership being renewed.

The team were convinced by the coverage of RapidSpike’s Magecart Attack Detection, being the only platform on the market that provides a website security solution, attached to a Synthetic User Journey product – allowing you to monitor business critical functionality and availability AND be alerted immediately to malicious attacks.

They found RapidSpikes Google Lighthouse functionality quick and easy to implement compared to other website monitoring providers, and have begun utilising RapidSpikes website performance toolkit to monitor their Core Web Vitals scores post-launch of their global website. 

After utilising the free trial and tailored onboarding Kurt Geiger decided to implement RapidSpike to protect customer data and brand reputation – whilst fending off website skimming, form jacking and supply chain attacks, at the earliest opportunity.

Key Results

Since being implemented RapidSpike now undertakes around 400,000 checks every week to search for security breaches – providing Kurt Geiger with all the data required to understand where any third party requests are coming from and if they should be trusted.

RapidSpike is now utilised across the business as a key observability tool, assisting all the internal engineering teams at Kurt Geiger. Not just security teams, but also front-end, back-end, infrastructure, QA and digital teams are able to glean visibility of key metrics as changes are made, to help continuously improve their websites.

Any new requests are flagged to the security team in under 60 seconds – something which might previously have taken months to identify. And with many high profile retailers being targeted, RapidSpike provides peace of mind that if the worst did happen, the team could react immediately to reduce impact – and protect customers information.

Kurt Geiger’s Security Engineer Caleb states…

“RapidSpike enables us to have complete visibility over how our site works, and allows us to build a website supply chain – and understand where our supply information is coming from. This is fantastic for website security, as it provides full visibility of all data sources, across each of Kurt Geiger’s websites – a problem we previously needed to solve” 

I’m constantly impressed by RapidSpikes availability in the sense that I can get a response to any query within the hour, something which can take weeks, with other organisations.”

Caleb Whittington, Security Engineer at Kurt Geiger