What is Synthetic Monitoring?

The Synthetic Monitoring of User Journeys emulates common paths that your customers take. They behave like a “synthetic” user, interacting with your website and an actual browser just like a real user does.
Transaction monitoring is only basic information, and you cannot guarantee your real user monitoring is watching specific processes 24/7. With RapidSpike synthetic monitoring, you can ensure you understand more about your application performance and how to fix it.


Create simple tests run in a real browser with scripts of actions that follow your critical buying processes, such as:

  • Searching for a product
  • Logging in to an account
  • Adding to the basket
  • Making a payment

… Or any other critical business transaction.


Simulate real users at global geographic locations from the cloud, at 5-minute intervals, following that critical process.

World map


Find and fix an issue immediately if something goes wrong.

  • Reliability – The buying process has an availability issue
  • Performance – Detect key page, element or third party user-facing issues
  • Security – If some tries to hack your website and payments

Find and Fix Issues Affecting Your Customers

Reputation is everything 88% of customers leave sites after a bad digital experience.

RapidSpike’s user journeys protect your complex transactions and report potential performance issues – even those long-term trends that real user traffic might miss.

Quickly learn about problems that might impact your capacity to improve your end-user experience and conversions.

Rapidspike email alert
User Journey alert creation

Improve Your Website’s Performance

Page Speed Matters Conversions drop by 7% per 1 second of load time delay.

Shave seconds off your load times by performance monitoring your key critical pages, user journeys and the reasons for any issues and breaking service level agreements.

Configure alerts to fire as soon as request and response times start to slow down – so you can react to failing performance before it affects your revenue and keeps your third party vendors accountable.

Active Monitoring & Metrics 24/7

Capture thousands of data points on an actual browser for each step of your journey, building more detailed insights than any other tool on the market.

Discover third party issues affecting customer experience and critical business transactions, trending their load speed over time at any time of day.

Isolate elements by type – audit cookies, spot blocking Javascript, optimise images and identify slow fonts.

Slowest third parties

“Our relationship with RapidSpike is excellent. They are responsive and supportive.”

Neilson use RapidSpike to test their core processes 24 hours a day, every day, for a total peace of mind.

Monitor the key processes you care about

Choose any browser user journey you want to emulate and set it up easily and quickly using our script builder – or we can do it for you.
RapidSpike User Journey Script Editior - shopping cart monitor
RapidSpike User Journey Script Editior - search page

Understand the Bigger Picture

Utilise a full suite of synthetic monitoring tools for understanding every detail of your crucial business processes.
Selenium logo

Powered by Selenium

We combine industry-leading automation, a user-friendly interface and our world-class alerting system.

Detailed waterfall

Data-rich visualisation for every page element, including load time breakdown and headers.

Video playback

Video playback

Record a browser video of your critical process and content load as it happens, see exactly where issues occur.

screenshots of user journey

Page screenshots

Configure your monitoring script to capture screenshots of actual user interactions.

tracking chart

Third party tracking

See how third parties perform over time, as well as their impact on your page load.


Resource map

Visualise precisely where and how resources and critical endpoints load from locations worldwide.

trend graph

Active monitoring of critical elements

Tag vital elements to trend their behaviour, size and load over time.

issues analysis

Error analysis

Understand why your processes fail, including full response headers and status codes.


Cookie log

Comply with GDPR and audit all cookies stored during your journey.

blocked element

Ignore & block elements

Stop elements from triggering monitoring errors or loading at all to fine-tune your analysis.

custom headers

Custom headers

Set headers to flag your User Journey within your customer-facing application environment to learn more about your website issues

Customise your alerts

Fine-tune your user journey synthetic monitoring to alert you to what matters so you and your team’s responsiveness is the best your business can expect.

  • Journey Failure
  • Journey Load Time
  • Page Load Time
  • Element Load Time
  • Element File Size
  • Element Errors
User Journey alert creation