RapidSpike x Kurt Geiger

RapidSpike enables us to have complete visibility over how our site works, and allows us to understand where our supply information is coming from. This is fantastic for website security, as it provides full visibility of all data sources, across each of our websites - a problem we previously needed to solve.

RapidSpike x Neilson

RapidSpike acts as a mystery shopper - showing us where something is broken, such as the website, a reservation system or third party integrations like a postcode lookup. The platform gives us visibility, and narrows down the issue in hand to fix.

RapidSpike x PrismRBS

RapidSpike has absolutely helped us to protect our long term brand reputation. In the event the hack was re-implemented we would have known about it within the hour. RapidSpike was the first step in recovering our brand reputation.

RapidSpike x Leicester City Council

If we didn’t have RapidSpike, we’d have to use about forty other systems to replace everything that it does. There’s no other web monitoring service I’m aware of, that offers this depth of functionality.

RapidSpike x William Hill

Not only has RapidSpike delivered on huge cost savings, but they also delivered much more. We have been able to consolidate a number of initiatives on website performance and security.