How RapidSpike Helped Improve William Hill’s Site Speed by 12%

30 Websites

now have full protection and magecart detection

30 Journeys

monitored by RapidSpike reduced costs by 40%


across every element across all website pages



RapidSpike was engaged to monitor performance, security, and reliability on the client-side for over 30 key User Journeys and 30+ websites that sit in the William Hill brand infrastructure. RapidSpike enabled William Hill to pull all their customer-focused website monitoring into one place.

RapidSpike are running a joint performance improvement and site reliability project in both the live and continuous integration environments. The aim is to ensure William Hill have a single point of truth for their Core Web Vitals and improvements are made continuously using Google Lighthouse to ensure overall revenue conversions are improving.

Key Results

Overall, there has been a 40% year-on-year cost saving on Customer Journey Monitoring plus the consolidation of in-house and other platform features into RapidSpike. The data is taken from the main sportsbook core pages and the core User Journey. In the last 18 months, online sportsbook revenue was up 4% with gaming net revenue up 12% There has been a 12% improvement in overall site speed. The page speed improvement at the speed vector would align to an industry benchmarked 1.2% conversion improvement.

All core User Journeys have added protection against client-side web skimming attacks, reducing their detection of attack time by 99.7%.

Not only has RapidSpike delivered on huge cost savings, but they also delivered much more. We have been able to consolidate a number of initiatives on website performance and security, and improve overall processes in a painless migration. RapidSpike is proudly displayed on our large operations centre screens to monitor performance security and reliability across our brand portfolio.

Mike Tee, Head of Service Operations at William Hill