Helping Tryzens Diagnose Problems 50% Faster Than Previously Recorded


faster incident management and recording


higher manpower efficiency


productivity for new revenue opportunities


Tryzens build, maintain and support websites for multiple global brands. After trying “transaction monitoring” and other uptime tools, they quickly realised they needed an enterprise performance monitoring tool that could understand interactions on complex websites – helping them find, fix and prevent issues quickly.


Working with RapidSpike, Tryzens initially set up 20 Synthetic User Journeys for their core websites. They discovered how with little training our self-service model allowed them to manage complex testing themselves. This has been rolled out to 50 websites, enhancing Tryzens’ service for their clients and adding important assurance and security information.

Key Results

Tryzens have dramatically reduced their time to detect and fix failures. As RapidSpike User Journeys contain thousands of data points, the task of determining the cause and solution for issues is now much easier. Working with performance experts in the RapidSpike team Tryzens have been able to diagnose problems around 50% faster than previously recorded.

With RapidSpike’s User Journey monitoring we protect the brand of all our E-commerce clients by making their websites more reliable and secure. We also use the tool to help us make their websites faster for customers with less errors.

Matthew Briggs, Senior Vice President – Live Services at Tryzens