RapidSpike Helps Charles Tyrwhitt Protect Online Revenue


Protecting customer information and brand reputation.


Which makes up the majority of the business.


Enhancing site performance.


Charles Tyrwhitt was founded in 1986 by Nick (Charles Tyrwhitt) Wheeler, on the premise that a fine quality, good-looking shirt needn’t cost the earth. Almost 40 years on, this idea is still at the heart of their business, but it’s fair to say they’ve progressed from their initial mail-order days. Tyrwhitt is the go-to brand for shirts, suits and tailoring around the world, and they also specialise in knitwear, loungewear and shoes, so you can look sharp from head-to-toe.

Ecommerce is important to the business, with a large majority of sales via this channel. The brand required a web monitoring solution that would fit with its commitment to doing things properly – ensuring the highest standards both from a secure trading point of view and with regard to site performance. 

In addition to protecting customer information and brand reputation, the team needed visibility for key customer journeys covering visitors from the UK, USA, Germany, Australia, and the rest of the world.


After searching for a platform that would complement its world-class standards, enhancing website and checkout security, in 2020 Charles Tyrwhitt chose RapidSpike’s advanced security solution – Magecart Attack Detection. As well as providing peace of mind for data security, the key customer journey alerts – through automated monitoring that runs 24/7 – help to monitor business-critical functionality and enhance site performance. 

RapidSpike also helps to monitor all the website’s third-party integrations, including during the checkout process. Charles Tyrwhitt needs to know that these pages are loading correctly, so they can quickly rectify any issues. This helps to both prevent poor user experience and protect revenue, as well as ensuring it doesn’t impact on the site’s SEO.

Key Results

RapidSpike is used by Charles Tyrwhitt’s web team as a key proactive observability tool. It is easy for them to use, quick, and affordable. It gives the IT Director a lot of comfort knowing that it is always on and monitoring the website. The team can effectively ‘set and forget’, safe in the knowledge that it will alert them to any issues. For example, if the ecommerce department adds a tag to the website that goes to a third party, IT colleagues are informed straight away — giving more visibility over how the website is being used. 

RapidSpike provides peace of mind that customer information and the brand’s reputation is protected, whilst enhancing site performance.

Charles Trywhitt

RapidSpike acts like a comfort blanket; I can sleep at night knowing we have visibility across our website and changes are automatically flagged quickly for investigation.

Doug Wooten,  IT Director, Charles Tyrwhitt