Complements Other Monitoring Tools

Save vital seconds on your page load times, and instantly improve conversions.

Learn how demographics, devices and browsers affect your customer’s experience.

Running globally, 24/7, track trending data as you make changes to your site.

Send urgent alerts if performance begins to affect customers as they browse.

Let’s Answer Some Of Your Questions

What is APM monitoring?
Why choose RapidSpike?
Should I use APM monitoring or Website Monitoring?

Both tools have different viewpoints, functionalities, and specialities. For example – if you were to decorate your house, you may choose to whitewash with a general contractor (New Relic) or decorate each room with a specialist interior designer (RapidSpike).

It depends on your individual needs, but if your website is important to your business goals, you likely need a specialist tool that understands that complexity. For a holistic understanding from every view point, it would be beneficial to use both tools together.

How Can I Implement RapidSpike?

Alternatively, if you already have experience with website monitoring, and synthetic user journeys, get a feel for the tool on your own with our 30-day free trial, packed with insights to help you improve your performance, security and reliability metrics.

Gain A Holistic View Of Website Health

Utilise complementary data from both an application monitoring tool (APM) and a website monitoring platform to gain a better understanding of problems and issues that may occur on either side of your website.

RapidSpike can collect millions of data points without any installation of code to provide a single point of truth in your overall website health.

Specialists In Synthetic Testing

Benefit from our industry leading synthetic testing engine that allows you to build data rich User Journeys and provides actionable analytics.

Easily understand a wealth of data with the support of our specialist customer success team, accessible knowledge base and expert managed packages.

Protection Against Payment Theft

Build upon traditional APM features with advanced Magecart Attack Detection on Synthetic User Journeys or Real User Monitoring.

Gain the ability to detect payment theft and 3rd party issues as additional data, protecting your customers financial data and maintaining brand reputation.

We Complement Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Clients use us alongside other monitoring tools to gain a holistic view of website health. This is what they have to say about multi layered monitoring.

We have New Relic, it’s a great tool for many reasons, but we need the very best synthetic website monitoring because downtime and poor performance from a customer point of view is hyper-critical, and that’s why we have Rapidspike.

Shanwaz Malik Technology Supplier Relationship Manager at William Hill