Monitoring For Technical Teams

Consolidate Tools

Consolidate Existing

Monitoring Tools

Easily consolidate your existing monitoring providers with website performance, reliability and security monitoring all in one platform.

Gain a holistic view of overall website health in one centralised product that can be used across multiple roles and senioritis.

Complement Existing

Complement Your Existing

Monitoring Toolkit

Alternatively, complement any existing ‘inside looking out’ tools such as APM’s (e.g. New Relic).

Our “outside looking in” technology requires no installation, gives you the complete picture of your website health and provides root cause analysis of any website issues.

Visualise Data


Trending Data

Carry out a comprehensive analysis of website health over time with RapidSpikes trending data.

Analyse the impact of technical changes on overall website performance using web page tests and monitor individual elements via waterfalls.

Single Source Of Truth

Monitor From

A Single Source of Truth

Don’t rely on your internal devices to provide accurate results.

RapidSpike tests from multiple devices, locations and servers to ensure you have a full understanding of issues that may be affecting your customers allowing you to act quickly.

Decrease Workload

Decrease Workload With

Automated Monitoring

Replace the need for resource heavy manual testing with intelligent synthetic user journey automation.

Build your own scripts and let our platform do the work, or alternatively save even further time and resource and let us write them for you with a managed package.

Protect Reputation

Protect Brand Reputation With

Attack Detection

React quickly to potentially malicious third party hosts and avoid costly web skimming attacks that ruin customer confidence and damage brand reputation.

Build a multi layered security approach for peace of mind and immediate alerting to hacks.

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How Can RapidSpike Help Operations Teams? 

Utilise RapidSpikes root cause analysis of technical issues to support front end teams in improving customer experience. Proactively solve problems to meet customer needs and expectations, whilst maintaining website health for internal and external stakeholders.

  • Use root cause analysis to find and resolve technical issues
  • Use tailored alerting configurations to escalate problems 
  • Create custom reports for easy access to top-level metrics
  • Provide a seamless service with assurance monitoring

How Can RapidSpike Help Performance Engineering Teams? 

Deliver a highly performing website with seamless user experience and end to end system optimisation. Guarantee your website is as functional and accessible to your users as possible with RapidSpikes advanced synthetic monitoring and intelligent reporting.

  • Quickly find and accurately diagnose technical problems
  • Immediate alerting to business critical issues before external stakeholders
  • Analyse millions of deep data points to inform development decisions

How Can RapidSpike Help Software Security Teams? 

Develop a secure, multi layered website security strategy using RapidSpikes Magecart Attack Detection as a last line of defence against malicious web skimming attacks. Be proactively alerted to potentially malicious hosts, scan for vulnerabilities and build disaster recovery plans.

  • Protect your customers data by monitoring payment gateways
  • Be alerted in minutes to blue-light situations such as web skimming attacks

How Can RapidSpike Help Development Teams?

Gain a holistic view of website performance, reliability and security metrics whilst consolidating your current monitoring toolkit. Reduce workload with automated synthetic user journeys, scheduled testing and immediate alerting to website issues.

  • Replace manual testing with intelligent automation
  • Easily communicate technical data with commercial team members
  • Evidence development decisions with data rich insights
  • Analyse accurate data from a single source of truth

We Support Technical Teams

RapidSpike empowers technical teams to proactively find & fix website issues with ease whilst reducing workload. This is what they have to say about working with us.

RapidSpike is a valuable tool, and it’s a great reassurance that the website is being monitored for Magecart Attacks. The video recordings feature on Synthetic User Journeys are great help in pin-pointing failure points.

Steve Keatley, eCommerce Director at Beauty Works

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