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Monitor every aspect of your online infrastructure with RapidSpike.

  • Uptime Wallboard

    View and track all of your active sites with our Uptime Wallboard. Here you'll be able to see which sites are: passing, failing, paused or pending. Your results are refreshed every 120 seconds so you can track and manage changes almost instantly.

  • Webpage Test Wallboard

    Keep up to date with the performance of your sites and pages with our Webpage Test Wallboard. Check if they are passing, failing, need maintenance or are paused.

  • User Journey Wallboard

    See which websites have User Journeys set up. Here you can check whether they are: in draft mode, passing, failing or have issues that require attention or maintenance.

  • Domain & SSL Wallboard

    Monitor your websites domain expiry and SSL certificate using our Domain & SSL Wallboard. Keep track to see if your site is passing, failing or is paused/pending.

  • Global Regions & Multiple Devices

    Check your sites performance around the world with our global regions. Also see how it performs on different devices.

  • Track your performance in realtime

    Detailed graphs showing your sites LCP, FID, CLS, Speed Index & Server Response Time (TTFB).

  • Deep performance analysis

    Deep dive into your waterfall, track errors and alerts, see where your site visitors are coming from & view your tracked elements.

  • Monitor your 3rd parties

    Measure your 3rd party performance impacts, errors and issues easily. Minimise disruption for you, your operations team and customers.

  • Audit

    See how your website ranks with audit tests on Performance, Progressive Web App, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO.

  • Reports

    Share a weekly report of your sites ratings with your teams. Receive key stats, metrics to improve, as well as highlights of areas which are outstanding.

  • Filter

    Filter by category to check your audit results. Deep-dive into your website tests and see how Google views your site.

  • Custom Headers on our WebHooks Integration

    The Webhook integration allows you to get RapidSpike notifications in your applications, and custom headers lets us send extra data along with the Webhook, which some third parties may require.

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