RapidSpike - Notifications


Email, SMS, Voice Call, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams/Office 365, Pushover, Slack, VictorOps, Zendesk, Webhooks, PagerDuty & OpsGenie.

In the cloud

No complex or time-consuming server software installation required: RapidSpike runs entirely in the cloud.


Log any planned maintenance, updates and issues against a website, display your notes on Public Status Pages.

RapidSpike - Public Status Page

Public Status pages

Display live monitors from your account on a custom-branded public status page.

User Access Levels

Configure users to have restricted access to monitors in your account: limit what they can see, and what they can update.

RapidSpike - Global Server Network

Global server network

Monitor from dozens of regions across the world – new nodes available on request.

Maintenance Windows

Pause your monitoring at scheduled or one-off periods to avoid unnecessary alerts.


Keep calm during unexpected downtime – choose from a variety of beautiful scenic backgrounds!

Crisis escalation

Use rules to escalate server issues to different team members based on length of down-time.

API Access

Connect RapidSpike directly to your stack with access to our API.


View your monitoring data in a series of auto-refreshing wallboards designed for full-screen viewing.

User Journeys

Critical process monitor

Monitor essential processes – such as logins, shopping carts, baskets, contact forms etc.

Real browser simulation

Select from a choice of real browsers to monitor your website.

Handle popups, set cookies and interact with internal APIs before your user journey even initiates.


Run journeys from any continent/country to test your application from all around the world.

RapidSpike - Video Playback

Video Playback

Records video of your Journey so you can see exactly when and where issues occur.

RapidSpike - Geo-mapping IP Addresses

Geo-mapping IP Addresses

See your site resources in a global view, with highlights for slow loading elements.

Performance thresholds

Set load time thresholds per journey, per region, to get dynamic alerts based on performance.

Error detection

Receive notifications for both journey failures and errors caused by any on-page element.

Third Party Tracking

Track your third party plugins, see which ones are performing well and which ones are underperforming.

Basic Auth

Access authenticated parts of your platform by sending a username and password.


Use RapidSpike to benchmark and understand key processes of your application.

RapidSpike - Self Service


Create your own Journey scripts using our simple builder, or work directly in JSON-format instructions.

Visualise key processes

We auto-generate screenshots during each key step of your user journey.

Helps you comply with GDPR by logging all cookies discovered during the Journey.

Block and Ignore List

Block/Ignore files from your Journey results to avoid skewing your internal monitoring and stats.

Managed service

Enlist our technical account managers to help write and maintain your scripts and translate the results.

Resource waterfall view

View full details of all page elements, including load times, request and response headers.

Real User Monitoring

RapidSpike - Live Data

Live data

Monitor live data from real users, just moments after it has been recorded.

Per-page traffic analysis

Receive in-depth stats for every page on your app/site visited by users.

RapidSpike - Audience Geography

Audience geography

Monitor the location and load time of users across the globe, allowing you to benchmark page speed by region.

Browser & device detection

Help your dev team to improve performance by tracking load times across browser and device.

RapidSpike - Best & Worst Hour

Best & Worst Hour

Track when your site had most visitors, least visitors and what percent it came on search results.

RapidSpike - Speed Benchmarking

Speed Benchmarking

See how pages perform on your site by checking their average page load and even page visits.

Performance Monitoring

RapidSpike - Global Regions & Multiple Devices

Global Regions & Multiple Devices

Check your website performance around the world with our global regions. Also see how it performs on different devices.

Track your performance in real-time

Detailed graphs showing your sites LCP, FID, CLS, Speed Index & Server Response Time (TTFB).

RapidSpike - Deep Performance Analysis

Deep performance analysis

Deep dive into your waterfall, track errors and alerts, see where your site visitors are coming from & view your tracked elements.

Monitor your 3rd parties

Measure your 3rd party performance impacts, errors and issues easily. Minimise disruption for you, your operations team and customers.

RapidSpike - Google Lighthouse Audits

Google Lighthouse Audits

See how your website ranks with audit tests on Performance, Progressive Web App, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO.


Vulnerability Scanning

Perform server/website Vulnerability Scans on-demand and scheduled per day, week, month etc. Detect out-of-date software, configuration issues and vulnerabilities, view reports and remediation.

RapidSpike - SSL Cipher Monitor

SSL Cipher monitor

Track your SSL Cipher, get alerted on any issues and receive a grade for the cryptographic connection strength.

RapidSpike - Magecart Attack Detection

Magecart Attack Detection

Defend against MageCart, data-skimming and form-jacking attacks. Track hosted and third-party Javascript on your website for data breaches.

Google Safe Browsing monitor

Tracks the Google Safe Browsing list, which monitors sites for malware, social engineering, phishing, and so on.

RapidSpike - CMS Scanning

CMS Scanning

Vulnerability Scans optimised to look for vulnerabilities in major Content Management Systems. Including: WordPress, Drupal, SilverStripe, Joomla and Magento.

Port Scanning

Scan your network perimeter and detect open and closed ports, along with the software and version being run.

Security Headers

Our Security Header scanning capabilities allow you to review your homepage’s performance, receive a ranking based on a number of factors, such as: Strict-Transport-Policy (HSTS), Content-Security-Policy (CSP), Feature-policy / Permissions Policy

RapidSpike - Client Side Security

Client Side Security

Examine more data points than ever before. Understand where your customers information is being sent to, allowing you to both proactively and reactively detect data breaches on the client side faster than ever.


RapidSpike - Highly Configurable

Highly configurable

Comprehensive global uptime monitoring network for checking server, api and web page uptime.

Uptime sensitivity

Set intervals as low as 1 minute and up to 1 hour.

Response Timeout

Set a timeout for your monitors after which we will mark them as failing.

Basic Authentication

Add a username and password and access pages behind basic authentication.

API monitoring

API monitor that enables endpoint uptime and response checking via PUT, POST and DELETE.

Content Checking

Check your pages for specific content, and alert if it appears (or does not appear).

In-depth data

View logs of incidents and response times graphs on a granular per-monitor basis.

Root-cause Analysis

Determine why certain errors occurred with automatic traceroutes, nMaps and other diagnostic tools.

RapidSpike - SSL Monitor

SSL monitor

Independently monitor your SSL Certificate and receive notifications of your upcoming expiry.

Domain Redirect monitor

Ensure your HTTP to HTTPS domain redirect is correctly configured.

Domain name monitor

Monitor your website domain name WHOIS and get notified of any changes and your upcoming expiry.

RapidSpike - Alexa Monitor

Alexa monitor

Tracks your Alexa Global Traffic Rank automatically so you can monitor improvements over time.

Enterprise-ready Alerts

Escalate issues by team, department, region or contact method. Choose who and how people are notified of critical issues.

SEO statistics

Track your ongoing SEO scores on a number of metrics, including page links and domain MozRank.


RapidSpike - Executive Reports

Executive Reports

Custom reports designed specifically for management, with top-level metrics and other useful data.

League tables

Organise your websites or servers into a monthly league table report.

RapidSpike - Scheduled Reports

Scheduled reports

Configure your own regular reports delivered to addresses of your choice.


Comprehensive filters allow you to compare specific websites or servers.

Date compare

Compare different servers or websites over specific time periods.

Printer friendly

Reports are designed to use a printer friendly layout.

Raw data

Download full data logs in CSV format.