Monitor, measure and improve
your website performance

Track and analyse website performance with a variety of powerful monitoring tools

User Journeys

Test your site functionality,
review and analyse performance 24/7

RapidSpike App - User Journeys

A performance, user-experience and availability tool all in one, the User Journey monitor enables you to write custom scripts and to access and navigate your website like a user does.

This powerful analysis tool will tell you when and exactly where a single part of your site has failed, down to a single click.

Each page visited is downloaded in full to provide you with a wealth of in-depth data for analysis - speed, size, location, and more.

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Real User Monitoring

Monitor the performance
data of real users

RapidSpike App - RUM

Installed with a single lightweight Javascript file, RUM gives you a hugely valuable look at the way real users interact with your website.

Learn about how demographics - location, browser, device - affect the load speed of your pages. Add conversion funnels to determine what percentage of your traffic makes it through the checkout process.

See your RUM data graphed against site performance metrics and learn how your infrastructure copes with high traffic events and peak load.

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Intelligent Page Monitoring

Supercharged single-page monitoring

RapidSpike App - Page Monitoring

The Intelligent Page Monitor (IPM) works like a more powerful version of a standard HTTP page check. This monitor goes an extra step and downloads the entire page - including every element - so you can analyse and review the data in fine detail.

In addition to the expected Availability notifications triggered by a missing page, the IPM will also allow you to create alerts that depend on the file size of individual elements, the load time of the page itself, or whether elements on the page have errored.

The IPM is a powerful and customisable monitoring tool that can be used for both performance analysis as well as extremely sophisticated availability monitoring.

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