Website performance monitoring

Save vital seconds on your page load times, and instantly improve conversions.

Track key performance metrics across different devices, networks and locations.

Running globally, 24/7, track trending data as you make changes to your site.

Send urgent alerts if performance begins to affect customers as they browse.

Track Key User Experience Metrics

Core Web Vitals are the key to understanding the quality of user experience (UX).

Core web vitals focuses on three key aspects of the user experience: loading, interactivity, and visual stability. Failing on any of these will impact SEO.

Benchmark performance by testing core web vitals minute by minute, globally, on both mobile and desktop in a clean environment.

Third Party List Performance

Deep Analysis of Your Page Performance

Track load times, detect issues & check your site page speed with a Page Load monitor.

Analyse the entire page at a glance — including every element, script, cookie, image and third party — so you can analyse and review the data in fine detail.

We check everything from initial connection, how long it takes to load all the webpage content, to an interactive DOM.

Every Step in Your Buying Process Is Important

Ensure your critical user journeys are performing, deep dive into elements and even watch issues live with video playback.

User journeys are a performance, security and uptime tool all in one. They enable you to write scripts to navigate your website as a user does.

Deep dive into third parties, element speed and much more. Detect potential web skimming attacks by scanning all host information and data sent during the journey.

User Journey Step
Google's best practices performance statistics

Perform the Industry 
Standard Audit 24/7

Google’s Best Practices Benchmarking, for continuous improvement every day.

Run a full Google Lighthouse Audit of your pages on both desktop or mobile anywhere in the world.

Deliver clear actionable improvements in performance, accessibility, security and SEO across your pages. Trend your progress over time as you increase your ratings in Google’s algorithms and improve your SEO.

Insights Into Your Performance Data

Insights is an intelligence engine that processes your data and produces clear
actionable tasks for you to work on, organised by urgency.

Understand and prioritise what to fix

Learn which performance metrics to take notice of. Take steps to quickly increase your page speed and stay on top of errors.

Things you can do better

Celebrate when you are winning

Reflect on where you are performing well. Measure your site against our global baselines to see how you compare.

Things you do well