Performance: Improving speed grows businesses

Fast websites are much more successful then slow ones. The RapidSpike platform has a comprehensive suite of performance tools that help you monitor and improve your platform speed, in order to improve your conversions.

Webpage Test Dashboard


Track load timesdetect issues & check your sites speed with a Webpage Test

Run simple tests or perform advanced testing. The Webpage Test Monitor is a super-powered page check. This monitor checks everything from initial connection, how long it takes to load all the webpage content, to an interactive DOM.

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Page Performance Monitor Dashboard


Monitor your pages performance, track web vitals and resolve issues immediately

The Page Performance Monitor is a super-powered page check. This monitor downloads the entire page – including every element, file, image and third party – so you can analyse and review the data in fine detail.

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Google Lighthouse Audit Dashboard


Googles Best Practices Benchmarking, for continuous improvement every day

As part of our Page Performance Monitors, we run a full Google Lighthouse Audit of your pages. This drives a number of rules in our insights engine to give you actionable improvements in performance, accessibility, security SEO and much more, to increase your ratings in Googles Algorithms.

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Real User Monitoring Dashboard


See what your users see, analyse the performance data of your real users

Learn about how demographics – location, browser, device – affect the load speed of your pages including what your site is like for the worst 10% of users. Add conversion funnels to determine what percentage of your traffic makes it through the checkout process.

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Creating your own User Journey


Ensure your critical user journeys are performing, deep dive into issues

A performance, user-experience and uptime tool all in one, User Journeys enable you to write scripts to navigate your website as a user does. Deep dive into third parties, element speed and more plus monitor all Javascript sending information to any untrusted destinations.

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